Fab 12 Phase 4, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

With an aim to demonstrate the innovative, pioneering work ethics of TSMC, the exterior and design vocabulary of this project is not only a continual expression of the noted corporate identity system, but also statement of “friendliness, transparency, sustainability, and creative interaction” design concepts. The four ideas convey the theme of the project toward people, the corporation, and the environment.


The project and the existing headquarters building are located on both sides of Li-Xing Sixth Rd., and the site planning is designed to complement the headquarters. The focus of this design lies in efficiency of production spaces, with the internal functions and actual economic benefits through the establishment calculated by numerical analysis. The plan layout shortens the distance of horizontal and vertical movements, thus reducing the number of elevators and strengthens natural light intake to save energy costs.


Sustainable environmental concepts are realized through the total planning, architectural design and construction. The recessed green belt shared with the landscape is employed to set up an eco-aqueduct to enrich biodiversity of the site. Adoption of a green roof, selection of color coating for the roof and the low e glass reduce the air-conditioning loads. The vertical green design of the building will not only save energy but also provide green balconies for recreational purposes.


The “connecting pipe bridge” between Fab12 Phase 1 and Fab12 Phase 4 spans across different buildings surrounding the site, and is a major breakthrough at both design and construction levels. The classified clean automatic conveying system also directly enhances the transporting effectiveness of the people and goods, meeting the client’s needs to improve operational performances.

Location:Hsinchu Science Park

Structural system:RC: below grade、Structural Steel: above grade

Site area:78,300 ㎡

Building coverage:Office area : 5,372㎡ 、Fab : 36,230㎡、Central utilities plant : 4,928㎡

Total floor area:Office area : 91,437㎡ 、Fab : 168,872㎡、Central utilities plant : 15,781㎡

No. of stories:Office area : 4 below, 10 above grade、 Fab : 2 below, 5 above grade、Central utilities plant : 1 below, 3 above grade

Design period:2006.10 ~ 2007. 06

Const. period:2008.02 ~ 2009. 06

Awards: Outstanding Green Building Design Award、Excellence in Innovative High-tech Construction Award, Science Park

Category: Manufacturing、Office

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