Fab 12 & Headquarters, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

The project consists of five principal structures: Headquarters Building, Fabrication, Process Support, Central Utility Building and Bulk Gas Yard, for the 12 inch wafer foundry.


The trapezoidal shaped site borders 24m wide road on its north, east and west sides, and 6m wide existing road on its south. The building complex is arranged from north to south according to functional requirement, with the entrance plaza and primary landscaped area situated at the north-eastern side of the Headquarters Building. Material and color scheme for the exterior consist partly of metal and semi-reflective glass curtain walls, similar to Fab 3, 4 and 6 which our office designed for the same client, to fortify it's corporate image, while a layered "plank-wall" with different colored and sized planks on the north façade, is the abstraction of the integrated circuit process layers, the recessed strip windows is giving the variety of chip inprint and etching strip images.


The main lobby and the large conference room above it are designed as a "box within a box" concept as a 20 cubic meter transparent glass box, located at an off angle with the Headquarters Building and the non-parallel plank wall at it's north, recalling the irregular boundary at the south of the site, while a variety of terrace, water fountain, walkway and light well are incorporated to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces and provide a pleasant visual extension.


Location:Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

Structural system:Below grade:RC、Above grade:Steel

Site area:71,750㎡

Building coverage:29,770㎡

Total floor area:196,740㎡

No. of stories:Fab:2 below、5 above grade、Office:4 below、9 above grade

Design period:2000.01 ~ 2001.01

Const. period:2000.03 ~ 2003.06

Category: Manufacturing、Office、R&D

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