Expansion & Addition for the Ping-tung Christian Hospital

This project with a total floor area of 25,568 sq.m. and a construction cost of NT$575,225,000, is composed of a group of buildings 2 floors below grade and 6 floors above , and connected to the existing hospital to form a large scale medical complex. The new addition comprises an out-patient building, a general medical building and a building for chronic care. The out-patient building is located at the hospital's main entrance on Da-lien Road, and is linked to the other buildings by multilevel corridors which run through the existing staff dormitory area and terminate at the original hospital building. When completed in May, 1998, more than 400 beds will be added to the present facilities, expanding the hospital capacity to over 600 beds and aiming to provide the most comprehensive health care service for the Ping-tung region.

Category: Healthcare

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