Engineering Building for Chung-Yuan Christian University

The Faculty of Engineering, beset with a severe shortage of space, decided to build a new Engineering building to house three existing Departments- Mechanical, Chemical and Bio-medical Engineering, as well as Faculty Administration and a new Precision Instrument Center. The site borders two other Engineering buildings on the south and east, and the Business School on the west. The new building is composed around a spacious garden court which rises from the basement to the first-floor level in broad steps, creating an informal amphitheater. The south and west wings are four stories high while the north and east wings rise to eight stories. The main entrance at the south is dramatically marked by a pair of giant existing trees. Lower floors of the building contain undergraduate classrooms and laboratories with heavy equipment, the Precision Instrument Center and Student Lounges. Administration is located on four floors above the entrance lobby and terminates in an L-shaped roof garden. Upper floors contain laboratories and research rooms for graduate students and faculty.

The structure is reinforced concrete, exterior walls are finished with pale gray tiles enlivened by bright-colored metal sun screens. Graphics in red, green, blue and yellow represents the Departments of Mechanical, Chemical, Bio-medical and Faculty of Engineering respectively. Curtain walls at principal stair towers and the administrative area further provide contrast.

The entry plaza is designed to link the new building with the two existing buildings, forming a new Engineering complex. Parking for 57 cars is located on the west while a ramp on the east leads to the basement service yard where heavy equipment may be crane lifted to the upper floors. Total floor area is 18,580 sq.m.. Construction cost was NT$322,550,000. Completion date, July 1996.

Joint Architect: Chiu-Hwa Wang

Awards: Taiwan Provincial Building Design Award

Category: Education

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