Emergency Clinic and Second Out-Patient Building for Veterans' General Hospital Taichung

Situated in the southern quarters of the hospital site, and entered directly from a 25-meter road, this nine-story building with two stories below ground is immediately adjacent to the First Out-Patient Building. Electrical and mechanical equipment rooms are housed in the second basement; the first basement is used for an air-raid shelter,parking, storage rooms, and an ambulance dispatch room. Out-patient clinics are situated at the first, fourth, and sixth floors while the second and third floors are used for emergency clinics. On the fifth floor are 26 beds for physical check-up facilities.The eighth and ninth floors contain a medical library while the seventh floor is reserved for future library or office expansion. A heliport is provided on the roof. The total floor area is 16,870 sq.m. and total construction cost is NT$330,000,000. The building was completed in 1994.


Joint Venture Architect Chiu-Hwa Wang

Category: Healthcare

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