This building is an essential base for credit card design, manufacturing, and management. The building configuration adopts the client’s name in cursive calligraphy style and transforms the brushstroke as well as the font imagery to interpret the image of jade-like solid, delicate, and lustrous.

In planning, a recessed plaza is at the east side to form an amicable pedestrian environment. A cafeteria is found on the first floor with 3 sides of natural lighting windows for both visual benefits and energy-saving. The nature of the multi-layered landscape and the pond escalates from the ground to the garden on the 4th floor, balconies, and, lastly, roof garden.

Architecturally, staggered and spinning building volume shapes out the façade and implying the trust and commitment between the bank and its client. Unit curtain wall employs green double-layered Low-E glass with partial stone cladding that echoes upon the entire building vocabulary as well as fulfills the needs of energy-saving. This project enhances the design texture both in and out via volume conversion, materials matching, and ambiance creating. The solid configuration and jade-like warm working atmosphere depict a clear corporate profile.

Location:Sanchong District, New Taipei City

Structural system:SS

Site area:7,284m²

Building coverage:2,797 m²

Total floor area:37,496 m²

No. of stories:3 below, 14 above grade


Design period:2012.07 ~ 2013.10

Const. period:2013.12 ~ 2016.05

Category: Office

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