Dynacolor Headquarters Building, Dynacolor Inc.

Dynacolor Inc. planned to erect its headquarter building in the Science & Technology Park of Neihu in Taipei City, a dynamic area where many large electronic companies choose to locate their headquarter buildings. The site is 1,473 square meters in area, and the design is to build a nine-story building with three floors underground for a total floor area of 9,678 square meters. Construction cost, exclusive of interior finish, is estimated at NT$ 200,000,000, and completion date is scheduled for August 2000.

The site is a flat rectangle on the north-south axis; a 10-meter road on the south edge is its only access. It is smaller in size than some of the neighboring sites, so the challenge is to find a unique design solution, neither arrogant nor humble, which will firmly establish the presence of our client in this competitive environment. Our design use horizontal linear motifs to create a broad frontal image, with emphases on simplicity and clarity presenting a refreshing contrast in this complex setting.

The building is situated at the center of the site. Parking is provided on three underground floors; the entrance lobby and exhibition hall take up the ground floor and flexible office space occupies the second through ninth floors. The service core is located on the east side of the building and consists of three elevators, a stair, rest rooms and a kitchenette. Exterior walls are clad in granite slabs and glass to complement the computer-controlled interior space and express the innovative high-tech image of Dynacolor Inc.

Location:Science & Technology Park of Neihu, Taipei

Structural system:RC

Site area:1,470㎡

Building coverage:710㎡

Total floor area:9,680㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 9 above grade

Cost:NT$ 200,000,000

Design period:1998. 12 ~ 1999. 6

Const. period:1999. 6 ~ 2000. 8

Category: Office、R&D

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