DL02 Taoyuan Station

As a rapid developing city, establishing a mature metro system and an elevated rail track transit will open further potential for Taoyuan. In order to create a friendly pedestrian environment, facility land-use was minimized to basic public transportation tools such as buses, shuttles, and taxi, which opens a flawless area for walking. The station lobby adopts a circular form to stand out among the busy streets. Together with corridors placed on each floor, the connection between platforms, transit areas, and retail areas are integrated into one smooth circulation systems.

Taking concept from the “peach blossom land”, the roof was assembled by pieces of irregular polygon panels to represent floral petals. As a train enters the platforms, passengers also enter an urban floral garden. Apart from aesthetic considerations, the station also satisfies sustainable requirements such as natural lighting, shading, and ventilation. Structural system is carefully designed to achieve the span to as long as 26 meters, which reduces visual distraction and provides lightness to the urban facility.

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Transportation / Infrastructure

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