Dingpu MRT Station

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding area and plans for the expansion of Taipei’s subway network, the design theme of the Dingpu MRT station differs from most other stations. Responding to Dingpu’s transformation from one of Taiwan’s earliest coal-fuelled industrial townships to a present-day technology center, the station’s architectural design incorporates nods to historical context and contemporary urban flux.

Dingpu is the terminus of the Tucheng underground line, and the future starting point for the planned Sanying elevated line. Reflecting this spatial change, the station’s interior reflects the transient qualities of light in relation to time. The letter “C," representing carbon, was adopted as a graphic icon, signifying the revolutionary progress from coal mines to high-tech carbon nanotubes.

The use of natural light as a sustainable design element also sets a precedent for subterranean transit stations in Taiwan. Sunlight is captured through a row of reflective solar tubes running the length of the station mezzanine. Accompanied by supplemental light fixtures, natural light from the collectors resembles vibrant sunbeams that create virtual atriums, intuitively guiding passengers through high traffic areas. During inclement weather, the collectors are shielded by transparent protective enclosures.

The integrated lighting fixtures reinforce the design theme by abstractly expressing light waves and halos that appear as patterns on the ceiling, floor, and walls. Ceiling panels are arranged in accordance with the floor pattern. Programmable colorful LED light fixtures embedded in the concourse wall poetically reflect the changing environment. Covered by a transparent enclosure, the steel spiral tube structure at entrance “B” only further strengthens the natural lighting effect.

Site area:11,309㎡

Building coverage:1,982 ㎡

Total floor area:34,911㎡

Design period:2008.01 ~ 2009.03

Const. period:2009.03 ~ 2015.05

Category: Transportation / Infrastructure

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