Design RX Pharmaceuticals (Chengdu), Inc. R&D and Mfg. Facility Project of Anti-Cancer Drugs.

The project is located on Xieyuan Boulevard, in Gaoxin District in the city of Chengdu. The project is US-based TDW Pharmaceutical’s first overseas research and production facility for oncology drugs. Occupying a 68.5243 acres site, the project meets all Chinese national and US FDA standards.
The project utilizes a landscaped open courtyard arrangement to bring in natural light and ventilation for the office areas and create a welcoming effect for the lobby. The respect for nature reflects the company ethos and providing a comfortable environment for the employees.
Since the new generation drug is injection-based, the façade design incorporates a tear-dropped shape logo and curved exterior wall that evokes imagery of water. The use of glass curtain wall and colorful metal panels further symbolizes the rhythm of life, whose prolonging is ultimately the objective of the project.
The production facility adopts a central axis with wrapping and storage areas located along the axis. The central corridor acts as a spine for people, material and utility circulation and allows for future expansion.
The ancillary facilities are located to the south of the site in consideration for the close proximity to the production facility, and to provide additional shading for that area to reduce its heating load.
In terms of landscape design, the 13m tall main building is surrounded by ample planting which further reduces the building heating load.

Location:Tien-Shen Rd. No.95, Gaoxinxi Distruct, Chengdu City

Structural system:主体为钢筋混凝土

Site area:45,682㎡

Building coverage:20,180㎡

Total floor area:38,633㎡

No. of stories:R&D Building 4 above grade | Production Building 2 above grade

Cost: 约新台币700,000,000.00元

Design period:2013.5 ~ 2013.11

Const. period:2013.11 ~ 2015.6

Category: Manufacturing

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