Delta Electronics International Green Park

This project is a collaborative partnership between Delta Electronics and Hsinchu County Government, which aims to build a green energy industry demonstration park where the site, 13.5 hectares, is located on the northern Dozipu Riverbank, next to National Freeway No.1 in Zhubei city.


The project consists of an R&D building, incubation center, green energy museum, multifunctional auditorium, convention & training center, international tourist hotel, water house, pastoral living area, and landmark tower.  All facilities above are expected to accomplish the target, net zero, and also becomes a demonstration park for solar energy, water resource reuse, and Delta’s green energy total solution.


In the master planning, the higher volume R&D building lies at the northeast side of the site to prevent cold wind in the winter as well as mange the micro-climate. A watercourse extending from Douzipu Stream flows from northeast to southwest inside the site. A detention basin rests at the south-west outlet to cool 2-3 degrees in the summer in the campus. 


All buildings in the campus are all green-designed, for instance, ventilation tower and tunnels, to maximize the effects of energy-saving. Delta’s power control system, high-efficient air-conditioning, and energy-monitoring system together complete this demonstration park.

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Paper Architecture、R&D、Sport / Leisure

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