DELTA Americas Headquarters

The DELTA Americas Headquarters is an approximately 180,000 square foot project comprised of a three-story main office building, entry lobby and warehouse building located on a 15.5 acre site in Fremont, California near a wetland. The new headquarters building will employ Delta’s own energy-saving solutions including renewable energy, LED lighting systems, and electronic vehicle charging solutions. The building is targeted to receive LEED Platinum certification and will be a “net zero” green building.

The project will showcase a significant number of green features as below:

  • Ground source heat pump : Noteworthy among the green features for the indoor air conditioning systems will be a ground source heat pump. This system uses a loop field of pipes underground that transfers heat to or from the ground to boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling systems. The system takes advantage of the fact that in the winter time, the temperature underground is higher than the temperature indoors. In the summer time, the temperature underground is lower than the temperature indoors. It is not only energy-saving; but the water it uses is also 100% recyclable.
  • Solar Energy System : A large canopy above the lobby volume is integrated with BIPV panels consisting of thin film solar cells and photovoltaic inverters of 98% efficiency that Delta developed and produced. Underneath the panels are triangular-shaped high light trapping-based back reflectors that increase the efficiency of the panels while providing shading for the lobby and green roof below
  • Natural ventilation : The curtain wall features operable windows to provide 100% fresh air natural ventilation and enhanced thermal comfort. A central atrium along with two corner towers in the offices will act as thermal stack ventilation towers using convection to allow hot air to evacuate through louvers at the skylight.
  • Natural Daylighting : The curtain wall features abundant glazing to take advantage of the sunniest local weather and reduce the need for artificial lighting. A three-story atrium in the center of the office space brings daylight further into the space.
  • Active chilled beam : The radiant floor and ceiling system is supplemented by displacement ventilation via ceiling diffusers and active chilled beams in the enclosed conference rooms or offices. Active chilled beams are heat exchangers suspended a short distance from the ceiling and supplied by pipes of conditioned water that create convection to heat or cool the space.
  • Wind turbine : The wind power system features turbines designed and manufactured by Delta that incorporates bird-friendly technology.
  • LED lighting : The project will utilize Delta’s energy saving LED lighting solutions in the building and around the site.
  • Sun Shading : The building is aligned with true north and each façade is designed to react to its orientation in order in minimize solar heat gain. The south elevation features horizontal brise-soleil, while the east and west elevations have deep recessed windows.
  • High Performance Building Envelope: The building exterior is designed with performance in mind. It features R-30 insulation in the walls, R-45 insulation in the roof, and spectrally selective glazing.
  • Landscaped Open Space : The project will preserve at least 50% of the site as open space with native landscaping plants that will help support wild life.
  • Ecological Retention Pond : The landscape design will feature a bio-retention pond with native low-water consumption planting. Other landscape water features will also improve the micro-climate around the building.
  • Permeable Grass Pavers : These aesthetically attractive pavers allow the water to return to the ground to reduce the heat island effect.
  • Green Roof : A green roof on top of the lobby is not only a pleasant amenity for the building users but also reduces the heat island effect further.


News: CBE’s 2017 Livable Building Award

Location:California, U.S.A.

Structural system:Structural Steel Framing w/ Concrete filled Metal Decking

Site area:62,726 m²

Building coverage:8631 m²

Total floor area:16648 ㎡

No. of stories:3 above grade

Cost:USD $50,700,000

Design period:2011.07 ~ 2012.08

Const. period:2012.09 ~ 2015.03

Awards: CBE’s 2017 Livable Building Award

Category: Manufacturing、Office

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