Davicom, Amic & Global Research and Office Building

This project was originally a factory building commissioned by another client who abandoned it after the foundation work was built, whereupon our three clients took over the property and asked our office to modify the existing work and redesign a joint edifice for them.
The site borders an open retention basin on its north side, and three prominent high-tech structures on its east, south and west sides. Situated at an important traffic junction opposite the exit of the Science Park, it naturally assumes the optimum location for a very visible building.
Three buildings for the three independent companies was decided by the clients, each with its own special feature but the group maintains a common style, with a jointly operated staff dining hall on the first floor connecting the three buildings. The plaza entrance is elevated to the second floor with the main architectural group on the south-western side, forming an open yet intimate entrance forecourt. Each building is entered via the plaza above the north-bound driveway, while the plaza is also provided with a series of steps connecting the covered walkway along the street. The buildings facing the plaza are sheathed in a warm colored, transparent curtain wall, exuding a friendly ambience during the day as well as night-time. Elevation of the parking garage entrance not only increases the parking capacity but also relieves traffic congestion at the street level.

Location:Hsinchu Science Industrial-Based Industrial Park

Structural system:RC

Site area:10,000㎡

Building coverage:4,390㎡

Total floor area:37,070㎡

No. of stories:3 below、10 above grade

Design period:2001.12 ~ 2002.09

Const. period:2002.10 ~ 2004.03

Category: Manufacturing、Office、R&D

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