Dalian Rd. Dormitory, Ping Tung Christian Hospital

The 1,180 m2 site of Dalian Dormitory is situated next to the east side of Pingtung Victory House is in a convenient distance of 350 m from main campus of Pingtung Christian Hospital which is available for close supports from.

The building is composed of three functional groups: living quarters, multifunctional lounge and commercial space on the ground floor. The lounge connects two sets of dormitory buildings harmoniously providing users with multiple conveniences. A total of 72 rooms with 6 lounges and one storefront meet the day-to-day needs of medical personnel in the hospital.

The site plan accommodates existing campus axis and building context while preserving open space along the west side of the site. These common areas are meant to be shared by medical staff, patients and visitors alike.

Pedestrian arcade along the street creates amicable walking environment for the neighboring community whereas a store on the front provides both residents and neighborhood with better services.

Location:Dalian Rd., Pingtung City

Structural system:RC

Site area:1188.96㎡

Building coverage:425.31㎡

Total floor area:3426.31㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 7 above grade

Cost:Approximately TWD 120,000,000

Design period:2014.05 ~ 2014.10

Const. period:2014.11 ~ 2016.01

Category: Dormitory

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