Da Hua Linshui Conceptual Planning, Dalien

The planning site nears Linshui township of Dalien City, Liaoning Province. The area used to be a mining site. Through concept planning, the potential development opportunity area analyzed and studied.

Model Hilltop Town – The Spirit of Wymar
To many central cities of Europe, the charm of the city usually derived from their historical traits. These traits bond the city together through spatial elements and symbols. Linshui in Dalien possess a distinct image of a hilltop town. Through the creation of core town center and symbolic symbols, the natural greenery & the neighborhoods kneaded, re-grouped &extended, the model hilltop town is hope to re-appear.

Connecting corridors for city networks
Greenery axes for the hill sides
Sustainable eco-living spine
Health residential neighborhood clusters
Visual terrain of natural mountain ranges

The planning framework is based on the above axes to connect natural contours and landforms, with respecting different hills &valleys. Different characters of each community are formulated while the visible future dreamland for Lingshui township can be somehow imagined.

Category: Paper Architecture、Planning

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