Cultural Creative Enterprise Flagship, Huashan Cultural Park

Situated on Chung-hsiao East Road and flanked by the Huashan Cultural Park to the east, the site is surrounded by numerous historical buildings. The park was previously a winery for the past century with many old warehouses. The redevelopment of this new cultural creative enterprise flagship project aims to provide a base for artists to fulfill their creative dreams.


The ground floor of the new building acts as an extension of the nearby street arcade interacting with the main plaza to buffer the city scale and transform it into a friendly ally toward the park. The diversified usage of each individual floor is represented through the organic “cracked ice” pattern façade inspired by the configuration of old factories’ steel trusses as reminiscence of the flourishing “caged balcony” commonly seen in residential apartments of Taiwan.


An innovative structure system consisting of “braced core” and “vierendeel truss” is utilized in this building. By eliminating the conventional columns and deep beams every other floor, a much needed column-free space with extra height in ground, third, fifth, and seventh floors are provided, thus meeting the needs of creative and performing arts activities. At the same time, the spaces in even number floors with vertical truss members can be easily adapted for the use of small studio space. The combination of the two structure systems gives the building a maximum flexibility to be used as a “platform” by various types of artistic events.


The lightweight exterior enclosure mingles with tens of lush trees humbly, on the north side of rooftop, the building height was maintained at 45 meter to pay homage to the antique winery smokestack. By blurring the edge between the interior and outdoor spaces, the ground floor is merged into the main plaza and transformed to become a pleasant space for various exhibitions and performances to take place.

Location:Taipei City

Structural system:RC, Steel

Site area:50,748㎡

Building coverage:2,450㎡

Total floor area:36,354㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 10 above grade

Design period:2010.07 ~ 2011.04

Const. period:2011.05 ~ 2013.08

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Culture/Exhibition、Sport / Leisure

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