Cruiseship Port Center Urban Planning, Dalian

Dalian International Cruiseship Port Center is located in a multi-functional region with a seaport character. The design is based on the Chinese proverb, “the phoenix upon the sea”: a reasonable renewal and development will revitalize the old seaport, and transform it into a new multi-functional center for travel, commercial, business and service facilities.


New Landmark Building
Develop a synthesized architectural group with functional organization and compound development, forming the image of a city gate with seaport qualities, with lively public activity spaces along the coast and inland commercial zone near the green belt.


Composite Green Belt
Provide green public spaces as links between commercial and residential areas, promote interaction between citizens.


A unified planning and development to be built in phases
Follow a unified development plan to ensure variety and harmony in the finished project, while considering the rich landscape resources and the complex neighborhood fabric.

Location:Dalian, China

Structural system:Steel, RC

Site area:1,065,000㎡

Total floor area:2,140,580㎡

Design period:2008.05 ~ 2008.10

Joint Architect: Arte Charpentier, France

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Landscape、Logistics、Planning、Transportation / Infrastructure

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