CI Wafer Fab II, Winbond Electronics Corp.

The site, an irregularly-shaped polygon, has one short side bordering on the main road of the Park where no access is allowed, thus entrances for the main lobby, service, staff and parking are distributed on the four remaining sides. The core of the plant is a 50m x 80m production fab. Support facilities, including mechanical and electrical equipment rooms, testing area, supply rooms and warehouse, surround the core in orderly procession. Offices, staff lounge, dining room and parking area are arranged with some flexibility to suit the remaining site, and a small, undivided area is kept for future expansion.

The entrance canopy and lobby are roofed by a space frame and sheathed in glass, extending in height to the third floor multi-purpose reception hall, thus creating a strong, bright, and transparent front symbolizing the high-tech image of the electronics corporation, sun-lit during the day and illuminated at night. The open office zones use different colors to define the various departments and enliven the environment of an over-sized plant.

Location:Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

Structural system:RC

Site area:33,510㎡

Building coverage:16,765㎡

Total floor area:43,255㎡

No. of stories:1 below、3 above grade

Cost:NT$ 600,000,000

Design period:1989.08 ~ 1989.12

Const. period:1990.01 ~ 1992.09

Category: Manufacturing

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