Chunan Fab, Gintech Energy Corporation

The square site of the project is flanked by roads on the north and south sides. Based on the regulations of the industrial district, the entrance route to the fab is the 18m wide, south-looking Kebei 1st Road.


To facilitate circulation and prevent clashes of cars and man, and also to create a landscaped entrance image for the office building, during preliminary screening of construction license, the project acquired permission to install three entrances. The middle entrance is for public access and workers of the building; the other two are separate exit and entry for trucks. By Land Use and Zoning Regulations on Chunan sites, the parking spaces of this project exceeds the industrial district’s standard by 20%, and building coverage ratio is increased from 50% to 60% to make effective use of this site.


The main establishment is a multi-functional complex consisting of three structures, including: office areas (offices, reception room, and staff’s cafeteria), the fab (polycrystalline solar cell manufacture), and the warehouse and CUB section. High-hazard auxiliary facilities such as the chemicals storage, Hydrogen room, open air gas station are aligned by the sides of the main building in accordance with requirements on recessional distances. Meantime, considering further demands for expansion space, the structural design reserves loading and column-beam headed studs, the garage phase II (in the basement mezzanine), and the driveway entrance, to keep the impacts from expansion works to a minimum.

Location:Chunan, Miaoli

Structural system:RC, Steel

Site area:17,300㎡

Building coverage:9,485㎡

Total floor area:43,705㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 5 above grade

Design period:2006.11 ~ 2007.01

Const. period:2007.02 ~ 2008.06

Category: Manufacturing

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