Cherry Grove Housing, Linko

The project consists of eight apartment buildings designed in the style of private villaslocated on a site 4,180 sq.m. in area. The buildings are three stories high with a common parking garage on the basement level. Total floor area is 8,300 sq.m. and construction cost was about NT$150,000,000.

The buildings are composed spaciously around a central garden court planted with cherry trees. Careful landscaping segregates private and semi-private outdoor areas from public spaces, yet maintains a friendly feeling of community. Interior design aims at simple elegance, convenience and full utilization of space. Floor heights and windowsizes are greater than those of the average apartment building, creating well-ventilated rooms which are bright and spacious, yet instilled with a cozy, homelike ambiance. Construction duration of the project was April 1996 to December 1996.

Location:Linko, New Taipei City

Structural system:Linko, New Taipei City

Site area:4,180㎡

Total floor area:8,300㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 3 above grade

Design period:1995.12 ~ 1996.03

Const. period:1996.04 ~ 1996.12

Awards: Architecture Golden Award of R.O.C.

Category: Residential

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