Chaojing Research Center, National Museum of Marine Science & Technology

This project is located near Badouzi Harbor, as well as the waterfront park, rehabilitation park, Chaojing Park, and a fish-farming work station, consisting of ecological preservation, academic study, and coastal sightseeing functions.

The rear of the site is surrounded by mountains and has been eroded by the sea wind. In this way, the design adopts this as a concept by using a gradually-voided volume to match with the topographic changes and the circulation system to layout the exhibition, study, and laboratory spaces. 

The ups-and-downs building figure overlooks the sea and the spaces rest, intertwining with the mountains. Partial rock building material blend into the landscape, along with the tidal coastal border. 

A pedestrian path is arranged around the research center to connect the Chaojing Park and Badouzi Park, to integrate the experience of coastal plantation rehabilitation, landscape art, marine ruins, seashells paving, and rock art.

Category: Culture/Exhibition、Paper Architecture、R&D

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