Chaohu Healthcare Project, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

The design basis of this project is human-oriented, high-efficiency, modularized, and green ecology-based. A modern elderly-care facility is fashioned through an activity corridor, senior college, inner atrium, and garden roof.

 The master plan uses a courtyard layout and a green-ecological park lies along the periphery of the site to developed a peaceful and organized, but isolated space. Buildings are dispersed in the site centering the lake. In consideration of fulfilling the functions to care for the elderly, a multifunctional environment is created to accomplish the mutual benefits of medical facilities through modular design, which systemizes the outpatient, care, and residency.

 The client defines this campus as a high-class, elderly-care service center, providing healthcare, recreation, and cultural aging, as a demonstration area for community and facility aging. The facilities will accommodate 1,360 semi-independent, 144 dependent, 110 family-style, 90 dementia-treating, and 130 general hospital nursing beds to complete a total of 1,800.

Category: Continuing-Care Retirement Communities、Planning

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