Cancer Center, National Taiwan University Hospital

The two themes, "A Healing Environment" and “Connecting NTU Cancer Center with the Public", represent the core concept of this project.The design used a bread curve to coordinate different buildings on the site and create a friendly spatial separation with the neighborhood area. The Medical Mall in the Cancer Center connects various functional elements, providing a sense of social connection and sustainable total care.

Exterior color coding and choice of building material follows the basic NTU architectural vocabulary, with a variety of window types to provide a lively rhythm of light and shadow. A stable podium of the building guides the visual line of vision towards the entrance, while the curved facade softens the building image.


Structural system:钢骨、钢筋混凝土

Site area:31,410 m²

Building coverage:12,560 m²

Total floor area:125,700 m²

No. of stories:4 below, 15 above grade


Design period:2008.04 ~ 2009.08

Const. period:2009.03 ~ 2011.12

床数: 约 500 床

Collaborating Architect: HKS, USA

合作室内设计师: JAHAA 颉合设计

Category: Healthcare

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