Building Complex and Master Planning for Hsinchu Campus, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

This project is located in the Zhubei campus of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). The western side connects to a bilingual school-reserved area, while the southern side edges Touqian River and the eastern side borders the living quarters and main entrance, due to the circulation system. The project consists of classrooms, administrative offices, a cafeteria, and a 500-bed dormitory.

The design feature echoes upon the campus master plan, using a hex nut as the Nexus from the school emblem, to create a comfortable environment and rational system. The building volume folds maximize the view while enhancing the recognition of the main entrance, as well as forming more semi-open shading spaces and dimensional changes on the elevation.

The master plan uses “open campus” as a concept. There are plazas along the primary entrance, while an interaction platform and amphitheater as a detention basin, lie at the south to reflect upon the landscaped greenery of Touqian River, as well as form the linkage of life and learning between the community and campus.

The design vocabulary of this project is based on the core belief of the university. The elevation uses the Hakka floral window pattern and the school emblem to interpret the idea integrating with vernacular elements to bring a new style to the university and Zhubei City.

Category: Dormitory、Education

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