Bethany Children's Home

Bethany Children’s Home is a place loved and given by God. This children’s home extends this concept. The design addresses the needs of the minority to have good connections with the community. This new building redefines the familial relationship cluster via the spatial organization where is for religious activities as well as an orphanage. The building figure is to express the concept of worship and home. Stacked as building blocks, the functions can be told from the appearance seen outside. This project is completed with limited resources and budgets, but fulfill the strict code requirements of an orphanage.

The design adapts the idea of family. The living units are different from traditional dormitory forms, yet use regular residential layouts. The orphans are able to live with their orphanage guardians while connecting with each other.

The new church is located in the basement level, guided by nature-surrounding stairs and an arc that resembles the old church formerly located on the site. The walls beside stairs are engraved with tiles painted by the orphans so they are involved with their new home. The open plaza provides community activity interactions. There are multiple functional activity spaces, guardian dormitories, and hostels on higher levels of the building. All the living units are arranged facing specific directions to accommodate comfortability, taking into account factors such as weather and views. The vertical service core, such as elevators and public facilities, effectively connect different functional spaces.

Taking advantage of the building setback regulations, the roof is transformed in a tower shape to exemplify the beautifully crafted project that also serves as a worship space. The wall utilizes warm colors to show a homey atmosphere and grey material to express the image of classroom activities and administrative space. The voids and the solids on the roof integrate to express the landmark of the religious facility. In addition, the design depicts the Chinese character that means “come” to welcome the people that visit this building.

Location:Wenshan District, Taipei City

Structural system:RC

Site area:6,151㎡

Building coverage:959㎡

Total floor area:8,869㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 12 above grade

Cost:about NT$ 171,000,000

Design period:2014.12~2015.12

Const. period:2017.01~2020.05

Category: Religious、Residential

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