Beijing Agricultural Products Logistics Center, Beijing Central Agricultural Products Wholesale Market Management Commission

The site is located in the Heizhuanghu Village in Chaoyang District, Phase I building site is 20.3 hectares while the total site area occupies 500,000 square meters. The Warehouse design is modern and forthright, consisting of

  1. A center for daily disposal of fresh agricultural products
  2. A government warehouse of merchandise for people’s living needs
  3. A contemporary buy and sale exchange center for agricultural products
  4. Administrative headquarters for all agricultural products

The architectural design uses “wheat wave” as a formal expression: buildings in various zone rise and fall gently until they finally lead up to the main tower, combined with green plantings to suggest an ever-lliving environment. Architectural planning is modular and centralized, so that principal roads will connect the composite service station with storage and processing zones as well as exchange/display/sales zones, all of which may be expanded in the future as required to add to the effective operation.

Category: Manufacturing

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