AU Optronics (Suzhou) Dormitory Phase I&II

The dormitory for AU Optronics Corporation is located at the Suzhou Industrial Park on a site measuring 54,600 square meters. Comprising ten residential blocks at 21 meters high and one activity center at 20 meters high, the new campus will greatly enhance living quality for the employees. Gross floor area for the campus measures 76,400 square meters while the building area measures 15,288 square meters.

The project will be completed in two phases. Phase one includes three dormitory buildings on the southern edge of the site with parking and an outdoor basketball court. Constructions for the remaining seven dormitory buildings and the activity center are slated for phase two.

Design for the façade is based on a tripartite organization of capital, shaft and base. Incorporating a pitched roof cladded in dark tiles, large white surfaces juxtaposed with vertical window lattices, and a base adorned in granite, the design offers an elegant yet contemporary aesthetics rooted in local Jiangnan architectural heritage. Careful detailing further reveals a visual interplay of solid and void. In simplicity and refinement, the dormitories create a unified campus with a sense of romanticism evoking the qualities of a traditional Chinese garden.

Location:Suzhou Industrial Park

Structural system:SRC, framing system

Site area:54,605㎡

Building coverage:15,288㎡

Total floor area:76,440㎡

No. of stories:1 below, 5 or 6 above grade

Cost:approximately RMB 36,900,000 (phase I)

Design period:2003.05 ~ 2003.09

Const. period:2003.10 ~ 2004.06

Category: Dormitory

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