Amazing Dream Bay Resort

Dream Bay Resort, founded by Amazing Holding PLC from England, is a five-start resort located in a beach area near Shae-Tou Mountain in Penghu Island. The site is divided in hotel, villa and recreation areas with different themes. Using the local vernacular buildings and rich culture heritage as the features, the main hotel building can house 240 quest rooms and the 88 villa buildings can provide 250 rooms to form several neighborhoods with different settings. The buildings are laid out in the particular way in order to maintain the beach view and block the strong north-east wind in the winter time at the same time. The massing of the hotel building is also placed meticulously to shelter the gardens around the building in order to provide comfortable areas for outdoor activity year round.

The construction is divided into two phases. Phase 1 of construction is consisted of 30 villas and expected to start in spring 2009 the earliest.

Location:Penghu County

Structural system:Reinforced Concrete

Site area:107,478㎡

Building coverage:14,089㎡

Total floor area:48,009㎡

No. of stories:Hotel:2 below、4 above grade、Villas: 2 above grade


Design period:2007.08~2008.08

Const. period:2009.4

Category: Commercial / Mixed Use、Hospitality、Office

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