Altek (Kunshan) Staff Living Area

The project is designed to provide living affiliated facilities for the staff of Altek (Kunshan) Corporation.

Four main buildings showed on the floor plan present a geometric beauty with harmony, also acting as the landmark of the park. The open-style glass and corridor that combine the green court contribute to the economic value growth and create a great street façade view, as well as providing the surroundings with living functions.

Featured for the combination of architecture and landscape, the design introduces a sense of nature through an organized geometrical arrangement to the landscape border. On account of the strong desires among people who live inside concrete jungles, evidence that shows the vitality of nature can be found in the project. Clear water flows along the road, as if inviting people into an open space of vision and sound. Flourishing trees and leaves impress passengers with their shadow casting on the boulevard while the seasonal landscape of court never stops to surprise people. No matter for entertainment or relaxation, tranquility of this courtyard architecture brings in a rare carefree life, illustrating the image of a modern enterprise of high technology level.

Location:Huangshan Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

Structural system:Frame, Shear wall

Site area:16,666㎡

Building coverage:3,887㎡

Total floor area:49,301㎡

No. of stories:A (club): 2 above grade; B (cadreds): 18 above grade C: (leaders):14 above grade; D: (staff) : 12 above grade

Cost:RMB $ 110,000,000

Design period:2007. 8 ~ 2008. 12

Const. period:2008. 6 ~

Category: Dormitory

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