AIG Nan Shan Life Insurance Office Building Remodeling Project

The building is located opposite to Hsing Tian Kong Temple, one of the cultural landmarks in Taipei. Despite of the exterior remodeling progress, the building managed to remain open to daily operation through thoughtful collaboration between design strategy and construction management.


Through printed glass on the façade, the building acted as an “urban mirror” which reflected citizen’s religious faith and spiritual foundation from the opposite street. The non-transparent area accommodated mechanical facilities and was effectively used as LED display board. A specific APP was developed to integrate communication and displaying system onto the LED board. Together with lighting devices installed on the horizontal windows, the new façade was able to control the lighting condition on each floor and deliver various expressions for different occasions and festivals. The building acted as a new urban landmark which establishes an intimate relationship with citizens’ daily life.


Taking concept from the surrounding environment, elements such as breezes and streams are transformed into pedestrian walkway patterns, used as embedded guiding lights, and placed onto planting layout.
The remodeling was conducted under a layer of temporary protection wall. Through hoisting from bottom to top floors, the construction did not affect daily operation hours in the interior spaces

Category: Office、Paper Architecture

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