Advantech Linkou Smart Campus

The Advantech Campus in Linkou consists of four buildings constructed respectively in three phases; Phase I: Office Building and Intelligent Greenhouse; Phase II: Manufacturing and Distribution Center; and Phase III: Innovative R&D Department and Employee Recreational Center. The ideas of creating a site axis, placing of central courtyard, distinguishing front from the rear and establishing phases are emphasized in the project to deliver an articulated campus that differs from other typical industrial complexes.


The Office Building in phase I contains a technology showroom opened to the public and an office compound to accommodate daily operations. Building materials used include bricks, exposed concrete, steel truss, double layer low-E glass and vertical shading panel. Together they relate the interior functions to the exterior and therefore enhance the liveliness of the façade. Furthermore, an intelligent greenhouse with sun-tracking solar panels installed creates a space enriched with natural lighting through its environmental control system.


The project embedded six systems to establish an intelligent building that serves the users and visitors better. Such systems include the BEMS system, i-Reception, Mobile Office, Digital Signage, i-Meeting, i-Parking, and i-Security. The campus aims to obtain a platinum certification in Intelligent Building and a LEED Gold certification, thus achieving the distinction of being the first double-certified building in the country.

Location:Linkou Industrial Park, New Taipei City

Structural system:RC & Steel Trus

Site area:9,900㎡ (phase I)

Building coverage:4,020㎡

Total floor area:36,600㎡

No. of stories:3 below, 6 above grade

Design period:2011.04~2012.08

Const. period:2012.08~2013.11

Awards: Outstanding Award, FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award

Category: Manufacturing、Office、R&D

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