Addition and Renovation, Da Sha House, Chinese Culture University

When Da-Sha House was first built, space arrangement was awkward due to the limited size and irregular shape of the site. The university subsequently purchased adjacent land facing Jian-Kuo S. Road and asked our firm to design an addition. We were also requested to alter and renovate the existing building to create an integrated facade with a new image. The new building is a 10-storey structure consisting of an art gallery on the ground floor and 9 floors of classrooms above. The top floor also contains a meeting room and reception lounge which extends out over the roof of the 9-storey existing building. Three underground floors provide additional offices while a new parking tower replaces the original underground garage, making way for performance and conference halls with translation and reception facilities.


This project is situated at an important street intersection of Taipei with its major façade de facing elevated Jian-Kuo S. Road; the design works to create a landmark with positive impact on the urban landscape, and to tackle such functional considerations as renovating during full building occupancy. Instead to sheathe the old building with an additional surface, this skin is designed as aluminum grille, metal louvers and a series of frameless fritted tempered glass panels. Tiny “LED” lamps mark the junctions of the glass panels, emitting a soft sparkling checkerboard-effect at night, adding to the street scene.


The new parking tower constitutes a major element of the addition so its mass and finish was carefully considered; the exterior walls are aluminum panel and a glazed arcade connects it to the new classroom structure.


The building won the Annual Design Award by the AIA New York Chapter in 2001.


Structural system:Steel、RC

Site area:2,005㎡

Building coverage:1,050㎡

Total floor area:14,800㎡

No. of stories:3 below、10 above grade

Design period:1996.12 ~ 1999.05

Const. period:1999.06 ~ 2001.06

合作建筑师: 王秋华

得奖纪录: 2001美国纽约市建筑师协会年度设计奖

Category: Adaptive Reuse、Education

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