Xiamen Red Dot Design Terminal Renovation

Situated at Gaoqi International Airport, Terminal 2, Xiamen Red Dot Design Museum is the fourth location globally, and it’s a rare example of terminal-turned-into-museum. Inspired by the notion of the flight path, each path is the continuous collection of differential time fragments, it also suggests each guest’s visiting movement.

Besides the controlled area, only escalators and restrooms are demolished to facilitate the rehabilitation of space and open up the partial floor at the southwest side to create a double-height void. By extending landscape toward the inside, a design plaza and welcoming pathway connecting to Red Dot are established. As for the building façade, since it is maintained at good condition, the existing features are reserved as much as possible, only Red Dot and T2 signage/logo added at the southwest entrance under the budget consideration.

The museum is composed of 3 major functions: exhibition, commerce, and education. Exhibition is the core while the other two are interconnected with it. Diversified circulations are defined and organized around the void, visitors and activity groups can navigate through space quite easily. Commercial areas sited at the end of visiting path and adjacent to entrance act as effective engines to enhance the operation and development of the museum.

Xiamen Red Dot Design Museum offers various innovative thoughts and knowledge to tourists. Outset from the city, hope this kind of cultural experience could reach out to a greater audience in China.


Location:Gaoqi International Airport T2, Xiamen, Fujian

Structural system:RC

Site area:4,776m²

Building coverage:7,362m²

Total floor area:9,552m²

No. of stories:2 above grade


Design period:2017.05 ~ 2018.05

Const. period:2018.06 ~ 2018.11

Awards: Excellence Award, Cross-Strait Architecture Forum (Wenzhou)、Finalist, AIA Shanghai Design Awards

Category: Adaptive Reuse、Culture/Exhibition

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