• “Reading with Companion, Discovering New Insight” Campus Bookstore Officially opened

    Design by JJP, the “Campus Evangelical Fellowship Building “is near completion. Campus Bookstore on the first and second floor has officially opened in early September. Sitting right across National Taiwan University and playing a landmark for the Gongguan shopping district, this famous “Campus Bookstore” has drawn countless youngsters to the 40-year-old four-story building to continue spreading the Gospel of Christ. The building, however, was outdated to function for its original purpose; therefore, it was set for a reconstruction. JJP’s design started in 2016, with a challenging constraint to make the building functionality and spaces work in harmony in a limiting 415㎡ site. To continue spreading the spirit brought by “Campus Bookstore, JJP has chosen the “Mission and Calling” as its topic. The bible states that “the gospel of the kingdom of heaven will be preached throughout the world,” has inspired the window opening design to deliver its messages to the passerby humbly.  more

  • Invited, Robin C.K. Tang speaks at CHCC2020 national hospital development conference

    The associate partner of JJP, Robin C.K. Tang, was invited to attend the 21st national hospital development conference by the CHCC2020 on September 19th. Architect Tang talked about the topic “medical care environment for all” as a guest speaker for the 7th Asian Medical Service Facilities Architect Forum. The speech opened with the topic surrounding “community elderly care service development.” By combining Taiwan’s medical services, healthcare 2.0 experiences, and JJP’s experiences in designing for the medical industries, the speech consists of a sharing amongst projects including cross-generation living, Chinese healthcare communities, and more. The core values for this conference comprises the integration of smart and diverse development – hospital transformation development and construction innovations. Leaders from each industry, alongside scholars and professionals worldwide, gather in Shenzhen to share their experiences and discuss a future blueprint for the hospital development. The topics range from technological R&D, innovative methods, smart construction, and systematized operations  more

  • “Conceptual finalist – Hsinchu Municipal Library” and “Completed project shortlist – Giant Group Global Headquarters” shortlisted in THE PLAN AWARD 2020

    Established by the esteemed Italian architectural magazine, THE PLAN, THE PLAN AWARD seeks to promote outstanding architectural, urban, and academic design. JJP is proud to announce that the two projects submitted this year, the Hsinchu Municipal Library competition entry and the Giant Group Global Headquarters," have been awarded "Conceptual Finalist” and "Completed Project – Shortlist”, respectively. JJP would like to extend a sincere appreciation for the jury and will continue to produce architectural design at an international level. Read more: THE PLAN AWARD Website 「Hsinchu Municipal Library competition entry」THE PLAN AWARD webpage 「Giant Group Global Headquarters」THE PLAN AWARD webpage  more

  • “Xiamen Chang Gung Memorial Hospital” wins the Competition

    JJP is proud to announce its design for the Xiamen Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Competition, has been declared the winner of the competition. Located in Haicang district, Maluan Bay, the Xiamen Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has a site area of 325,800㎡ with a total floor area at 37,600㎡. The hospital consists of one basement level and 23 above grade. Maluan Bay Park is situated to the north of the hospital, while waterways run through the east and west of the site. The hospital also enjoys open views of the water and the Caijianwei Mountain scenery, the number 2 subway line provides transportation accessibility. The architectural design takes inspiration from the lighthouses of Maluan Bay to create a healthcare facility that takes full advantage of the ocean views. Close attention is paid to the circulation routes as well as designing them to be universal accessible facilities. Program elements incorporated in the tower include  more

  • WenZhou City Social Welfare Center completed

    Designed by JJP, the Wenzhou city social welfare center has recently been completed and is ready for opening in 2021. The project aims to combine modern medical, healthcare, leisure, and cultural services, to provide a multi-functional high-end facility with its garden as one of the main features. The site consists of 128 hectares, with a total floor area of 126,000 m2 and a combined investment of 867 million NTD. The project sits in the southern foot of Chuitai Mountain, Wenzhao city, on the west bank of Wenruitang River. The natural features provide advantages suitable for the mind, body, and spirit for the elderly's care. The design encompasses 11 apartment buildings, one healthcare building, and one experimental living apartment. Each building consists of courtyard spaces connected with elevated corridors above the first level, creating a continuous and associated open space. There are a total number of 2,130 beds, 34 beds for dementia patients, 356  more

  • 《Green Ecological Aesthetics》Fubon Fuzhou Headquarters Officially Opens

    Recently opened, Fuzhou Fubon Headquarters, designed collaboratively by JJP and FXFOWLE, is Taiwan Fubon Group’s first real estate investment project in China. The building is located on the Strait Financial Street, directly facing the Min River to the south with the Fuzhou City administrative center situated across the shore and the Gushan Bridge to the east. The project commands a strategic location with unparalleled river views, thus, making it an ideal position for an important financial institution. The building’s main south elevation features a curved curtain wall with an intricate sunshade pattern that creates a sense of the rhythm through the play of light and shadow. Low-E coated double glazed ultra-clear glass provides an unobstructed visual experience. The northern elevation boasts double-height ceiling balconies to provide expansive mountain views. At night, the programmed lighting system further enhances the wave effect.  more

  • “Experiencing 20 years of Grace” Suang-Lien Elderly Center

    Design by JJP, the Suang-Lien Elderly Center held a press conference on 7/15 for its new book release - “Experiencing 20 Years of Grace” and the celebration of its 20th anniversary. Joshua Pan, FAIA, principal of JJP, was invited to join the festivities. The release of the new book has an uplifting significance; as it raises awareness of the society to respect and appreciate the aging community, while also emphasizing the importance of service and filial piety. These themes are also carried out in the design of this elderly center by integrating long-term care 2.0 and community service. The project connects people and encourages the growth of the mind, thus truly embodies a humanistic and holistic elderly care design. read more: • 《ĀnkěCare》e-platform • Commercial Times  more

  • 《A New Landmark for integrated medical care》Opening of the New Taipei City Tucheng Municipal Hospital

    Following a six-year design and construction period, the New Taipei City Tucheng Municipal Hospital Complex, designed by JJP, held its opening ceremony on 7/22. JJP principals Chung Tsai Huang & Chungwei Su were in attendance. The Department of Health of the New Taipei City Government commissioned the project with Chang Gung Medical Foundation through a BOT (build, operate, and transfer) arrangement. JJP was commissioned to design this regional hospital that meets the standards of a major medical center. The project consists of 3 below and 15 above grade floors with 1,000 beds and 39 medical divisions. The design adopts the concept of urban transformation, which utilizes local resources with human-oriented medical care. By introducing local cultural characteristics, the hospital embodies warmth with vibrant colors, such as the “tung blossom” motif on the cornerstone. The design utilized BIM and meets all relevant standards, including EEWH gold certification and Intelligent Building silver certification, while  more

  • 《Unfold the Old - Holistic Care and Service for the Senior Environment》- Senior-Friendly Housing and Health Improvement Forum

    Chung-Tsai Huang, Principal of JJP, was invited to speak at the Senior-Friendly Housing and Health Improvement Forum, jointly organized by the Health and Sustainable Development Foundation, Taipei Foundation of Universal Design Education, International Union for Health Promotion and Education, International Committee on Age-Friendly Health Care and the New Taipei City Government, held on July 19th in the New Taipei City Hall. The forum focused on the theme of “Towards a Healthy Living Environment of All” and invited the AIA New York Chapter Design for Aging Committee representative Susan Wright to share her experience. Further discussions took place among the Taiwanese professionals, politicians, and industrial representatives on issues ranging from senior living, pension, long-term care, to housing issues. Principal Chung-Tsai Huang elaborated on the theme “holistic care for the senior environment”, emphasizing the diverse connections between architecture and the environment in an aging society. He advocated for multigenerational co-living space, universal design and the creation of a greater  more

  • Giant Cycling Culture Museum opens

    The Cycling Culture Museum at the newly completed Giant Group Global Headquarters, designed by JJP, was officially unveiled on July 2nd. The grand opening ceremony featured Giant Group founder King Liu and JJP founder Joshua Pan, FAIA, along with members of their respective teams. Located within the Taichung Campus of the Central Taiwan Science Park, the project is situated amongst the leading IT manufacturers of Taiwan and encompasses an R+D office tower and the Cycling Culture Museum. In terms of architectural design, the building form is dynamically sculpted to recall Giant’s technological prowess, while its curvaceous shape and sustainable design features evoke the simplicity and eco-friendliness of the bicycle. The project is a distinct landmark and aspiring statement uniquely suited for the future of Giant Group. The newly opened Cycling Culture Museum features the evolution of the bicycle and the development of cycling culture as its main theme. Exploring cycling in the  more