• Building the Foundation of Life has been selected as best sellers of 2010

    Eslite Bookstore has selected Building the Foundation of Life as best sellers 2010. With the extremely positive effect & meanings that the book brings, it has also received honors from other bookstore: ★     Elite books                                         No.6 in Arts ★    Elite books Annual Selection         Top 5 ★    books.com.tw                                    Top 100 in Business & Finance ★    Kingstone                                            Top 50 in Spiritual  Building the Foundation of Life - Brick by Brick is now available from June, 2010 and shortlisted by Elite books as Selections. This semi-biography contains numerous stories featuring Mr. Joshua Jih Pan’s life experiences and attitude, and is written into words by famous writer, Goya Lan. During 2010 June, numbers of selected models representing dreams of Architecture are displayed at bookstores where the book sold. In this way, J.J.Pan & Partners would like to share this pathway required passion and savoir-faire toward architecture  more

  • Building the Foundation of Life - Brick by Brick simplified Chinese edition has now released

    Building the Foundation of Life simplified version is now available. The book contains numerous stories featuring Mr. Joshua Jih Pan’s life experiences and attitude, and is written into words by famous writer, Goya Lan. A simplified version of book is to help Cross-Strait readers to not only understand the past and ongoing circumstance of architecture but promote culture exchanges and share the pathway required passion and savoir-faire toward architecture. The simplified edition is published by Citic Press Group, a general media group, dedicating in books, periodicals, newspapers, and websites and relevant media products or services. “Provide knowledge and skills to cope with the change world” is their motto.   相关链接 Reading comments from china    more

  • J.J. Pan and Partners 3rd Monograph has been published and available in March 2012

    J.J.Pan & Partners is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary and publish its 3rd Monograph. Growing from a small studio into a thriving architectural practice with approximately professionals in four major Chinese-speaking cities, the firm has earned a reputation for creating projects with remarkable design and technical satisfaction.   The book, J.J. Pan and Partners: Sustainability, Professionalism, Discourse, is the 3rd monograph of the firm published by image group in March 2012. In book, the firm’s approach to these three distinct aspects of architecture can be best understood through the Chinese character(etymology of 藝yi, art). A philological analysis of the character reveals three distinct parts: The top portion is a pictogram representing “plants”; the middle portion indicates “to execute”, and the bottom portion implies “discussion”. “Yi” best summaries J.J.Pan & Partners core values, as these elements translate to “sustainability”, “professionalism” and “discourse” – three essential components of art, which the firm diligently  more

  • 2012 National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Construction recognizes Hunya Chocolate Museum

    A Taste of Magic--- Hunya Chocolate Museum has won the 2012 National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Construction. This award is an annual event held by FIABCI, a supreme organization of global estates is the highest honor of the real estate industry. FIABCI-Taiwan aims to create a world-class award and glory. The goal is to set a standard for the nation’s achievement of excellence in the construction industry. The project is situated in Bade, Taoyuan County, organized by the client, Hunya Food, design by J.J.Pan & Partners and constructed by Sansin Builders. The building is the first Chocolate Museum in Asia, and took 3 years to complete. To deliver the chocolate brand image and inspire innovations, the building adopts solid volume cut in different angles with the chocolate-colored exterior to convey the imagery of chocolate. 巧克力博物馆建筑纪录像片(8分钟) 巧克力共和国官方网站  more

  • CTS News Magazine interviewed J.J.Pan & Partners featuring the theme” Happiness Canteen”

    J.J.Pan & Partners was interviewed by Chinese Television System (CTS) News Magazine for a recently popular theme” Happiness Canteen”. Starting from 1981, J.J.Pan & Partners founded, the firm provides catering for each staff as well as the principals having lunch together. After 30 years, it becomes a renowned thing among the industry. Clients, guests, consultants who have ever been to J.J.Pan & Partners, would know there is a canteen in the firm. During lunch time, everyone would go to the canteen to enjoy the delicious catering. On the day of the interview, the journalist team also stayed for lunch and enjoyed a refreshing atmosphere in an architecture firm. CTS YouTube link  more

  • Ring of Celestial Bliss Wins 2013 GVM Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Award

    "Ring of Celestial Bliss”, meticulously built by Delta Electronics Foundation and carefully designed by J. J. Pan and Partners, wins 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Environmental Award 2013. CSR Award is annually held by Global Views Monthly (GVM). “In 21st century, a corporate’s success cannot be defined depending only on its performance and revenue. Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability are the keys to a corporates’ reputation and factors of survival” cited from the jury. During Lantern Festival, the Chinese will make Lantern featuring the Year of Animals to celebrate an ancient saying “Blessings as high as the sky”. After the Festival, the Lanterns become astonishing waste each year. Delta Electronics, a corporate dedicating in Green industry, invited J. J. Pan & Partners to brainstorm. The total amount of carbon emissions produced in the 15-day Delta Ring of Celestial Bliss exhibition is only 22% of the total carbon emissions produced in the Taipei 101 fireworks  more

  • Successfully green, TSMC published 2 books to share green building experiences together with J. J. Pan & Partners

    In respect to the value of sustainability, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), global pioneer of semiconductor foundries launched two books, TSMC’s Green Power and TSMC’s Green Action in February, 2014 published by Commonwealth Publishing Group. The two books are mainly about TSMC’s achievement in making this environment better. The linear strokes drawing on the book cover sketched by Joshua Jih Pan is TSMC Fab 12 phase 4 which expresses the innovative process working together with TSMC. “We take ourselves as a role model to stress the importance of green design and sustainability. Moreover, we manage to break the stereotype of that ‘corporates are the killers of nature’ via our Green volunteers, building design, eco-campus and supply chain. Due to the high standard of the green design, TSMC is able to reduce more than 100 million costs per year” said TSMC. J.J. Pan & Partners is really honored to contribute together with TSMC for  more

  • Advantech Linkou Campus Phase I Building Complex won Outstanding Award, FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award

    Advantech Linkou Campus is situated in Guishan, Taoyuan County, occupied 3.45 hectares and consists of Office Building, Intelligent Greenhouse, Manufacturing & Distribution Center, Innovative R&D Department and Employee Recreational Center. In order to deliver the prospect of intelligence city, the design team creates a site axis, placing of central courtyard, distinguishing front from the rear and establishing phases are emphasized in the project to deliver an articulated campus that differs from other typical industrial complexes. The Office Building in phase I contains a technology showroom opened to the public and an office compound to accommodate daily operations. Building materials used include bricks, exposed concrete, steel truss, double layer low-E glass and vertical shading panel. Together they relate the interior functions to the exterior and therefore enhance the liveliness of the façade. In interior design, the space is composed of high-ceilinged lobby, green wall, indoor landscape, i-meeting, i-office and international conference hall. The design  more

  • Two WACA Housing and Residential Design Award are conferred upon J.J.Pan & Partners

    JJP’s Award Winning momentum carries on in this year’s World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA) convention to win two more premium awards: Ren-Ai/Jiang-Kuo Thoroughfares took the Gold Award and Huaku New World garnered Good Design Award, respectively. The jury of WACA honored 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 11 Good Design Awards among nearly 100 selected entries on September 25th. Ren-Ai/Jiang-Kuo Thoroughfares is an urban renewal project that situated in one of the most valuable residential& commercial area in Taipei. The north of the site faces a 100m greenbelt while the other axis surrounded by numerous classical residential buildings. These features chisel out a distinctive location which also brings a new view for the metropolitan. Huaku New World is BOT and superficies project that locates in southern Taipei. All major facilities and Taipei metro rapid transportation system are nearby. The government hopes to activate the neighborhood and escalate the land value via this  more

  • TSMC Fab 15 Campus has been shortlisted by WAF competition in category: Production Energy and Recycling

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Fab 15 Campus has been selected into the short list on Production Energy and Recycling of World Architecture Festival (WAF). WAF was held in Singapore on October 1st ~ 3rd, which featuring the topic, Architects and the City. World Architecture Festival is the world’s largest international architectural event. It includes the biggest architectural awards program in the world, dedicated to celebrating excellence via live presentations to delegates and international juries. The project, located besides Da-Du Mountain in Central Science Park, integrate a greenbelt, a central atrium and screening systems to enable both production efficiency and an interaction between workers and nature. The project had been honored by two Green Building certifications LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and EEWH Diamond (Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction and Health).  more