• Holistic caring: Suang-Lien Xinzhuang Social Welfare Center & Social Welfare Park of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church

    "Suang-Lien Xinzhuang Social Welfare Center" has been published on the March issue of Taiwan Architect as the magazine’s cover; in the same issue, the special editorial "the discussion of living environment for the elderly and the long-term care 2.0 also elaborated JJP’s practice of " Social Welfare Park of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church ", delineating the process of master plan, architectural design and the current operation strategy. These two projects, in combination with the spirits of long-term care 2.0 and community service, holding the philosophy of holistic caring as the core concept, provide the elders in personal health and spiritual growth. Thus the facilities even become the interaction platform to the society to create a rich and diverse living environment with the sense of belonging.  more

  • "The Positive Explanation of Science Fengshui" Sharing Practice of JJP Intelligent Green Building

    Huang Chung-Tsai, principal of JJP, was invited by International Procurement Management Association(IPMA) to deliver a speech at Chinese Culture University on April 14th. He took the theme of "Intelligent Design for the Sustainable Future" and shared JJP's integration of architectural practice in both Green Building and Intelligent Building in recent years. Mr. Huang adopted "science feng shui” in the introduction to further elaborate the details of life and the strong connection between architecture and its surrounding environment. He then took JJP’s projects “TSMC Fab 14P5 office”, “Advantech Linkou Campus” and “TFC ONE” as examples. The audience actively raised a wide array of questions from engineering cost estimates, earthquake-resistance and disaster prevention to daily energy-saving and home-buying recommendation. Mr. Huang showed warm and amicable charm while ending the speech.  more

  • "More than just a station” from MRT station to culture gateway

    One of the leading professional journals, Taiwan Architect, features airport MRT A2 & A3 Stations in a special editorial, “Taiwan’s Characters,” directed by Chungwei Su in the May issue. Mr. Su elaborated that stations including Airport Line, Circular Line, and Taichung Green Line penetrate deeply into the citizen’s life and the changing Taiwanese society. Finally, stations become the interaction media between the people and the city but yet form the epitome of life and culture. From the past decade’s experience in transportation infrastructure design, JJP has witnessed the changes in Taiwanese cities. “Sein einmaliges Dasein an dem Orte, an dem es sich befindet” quoted from Walter Benjamin, the saying reflects the very existing cultural background and site context that make an irreplaceable role within.  more

  • "Spiritual Beacon of the Chinese Culture" Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor Planning & Design Master Workshop

    Hosted, the Planning & Design Workshop for Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor invited architectural profession masters to jointly review the development program. Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA and He Jingtang, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering, are honored by the invitation to this event on May 20th. Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor is a national cultural park program, consisting of ritual, travel, commercial, and other character sections. The park occupies a 36 square kilometers site in Shanxi and will become a magnificent multi-scale sightseeing spot with sufficient traveling benefits. The workshop hosts want to follow the successful model of “Xiongan New Area planning” so that invited masters from the most prestigious architectural academy in China. Each team proposes iconic schemes for the Mausoleum during the workshop. Mr. Pan, FAIA, draws a conclusion that all the teams shall develop the design schemes on the basis of the strengthening sentiment consensus of the Chinese people and carry forward  more

  • Smart Practice of Human-technology, Advantech Smart Campus

    "Industrial production is for people, so is the working environment. As a result, we hope that through meticulous design, people can enjoy the environment much pleasantly in their work" said Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA. Taiwan Vernacular Architecture, one of the series of Phoenix Satellite Television(PST), secondly visited “Advantech Linkou Smart Campus”. This project adopts “Smart Earth Facilitator” as new vision. It integrates the idea of delicate human technology into the corporate’s spirit through the interweaving configuration and layout. Through PST’s interpretation, this program conveys Taiwan’s diverse design capabilities, incorporating the elements of human-culture, arts, science fiction films into technological atmosphere, and demonstrating intelligent integrated thinking. read more: Designer, Phoenix Satellite Television Advantech Linkou Smart Campus  more

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    The Dawn of a New Spring Inspired by the efficiency of distribution centers and the velocity of nearby high-speed trains, the ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei project elevates the form and function of logistical architecture to new heights. At the dawn of a new spring, JJP wishes you a year full of promises come true!  more

  • Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA spoke at COP21 in Paris to share the green building experience in Taiwan on December 10th

    Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA, is invited to give a keynote speech at the Grand Palais. Four of JJP’s projects sponsored byDelta Electronics will be presented in the speech to share the dedication of green buildings and environmental concerns in Taiwan. Conference of Parties 21(COP21), as known as 2015 Paris Climate Conference, is now held at France. Delta Electronics will hold a series of side conferences and exhibitions featuring "Delta 21 Green Buildings Exhibition" to show their active support for the goals of COP21. Learn More: Delta Electronics  COP21 official website  more

  • 《人为与自然的边界》再兴高尔夫俱乐部整建荣获法国DNA设计奖

    法国DNA设计奖(DNA Paris Awards)于日前公布2019年获奖作品,本所以”再兴高尔夫俱乐部整建”荣获建筑专业类—-小尺度建筑奖(Midway House, Winner of Small Scale Project – DNA Paris Design Awards)。 法国DNA设计奖(DNA Paris Awards)为一含括建筑、室内、景观、商品及平面五大类之设计奖项,透过具有跨领域身分的专业评审共同评选,表彰设计创意的卓越呈现。 本所得奖作品”再兴高尔夫俱乐部整建”为系列作品的第一期,基地座落位于无垠绿意的山丘之上,以一个屋顶、二处活动墙面、三面石墙界定一种模糊的人为与自然边界的趣味空间,悬挑6M的钢构屋顶以T型纹路重新解构再兴LOGO,配合活动隔屏让空间产生视野的延伸,室内外融合为一体,扩大提升了人文休闲的意境层次。 相关连结: 法国DNA设计奖(DNA Paris Awards)官网 设计作品介绍  more