• “Experiencing 20 years of Grace” Suang-Lien Elderly Center

    Design by JJP, the Suang-Lien Elderly Center held a press conference on 7/15 for its new book release - “Experiencing 20 Years of Grace” and the celebration of its 20th anniversary. Joshua Pan, FAIA, principal of JJP, was invited to join the festivities. The release of the new book has an uplifting significance; as it raises awareness of the society to respect and appreciate the aging community, while also emphasizing the importance of service and filial piety. These themes are also carried out in the design of this elderly center by integrating long-term care 2.0 and community service. The project connects people and encourages the growth of the mind, thus truly embodies a humanistic and holistic elderly care design. read more: • 《ĀnkěCare》e-platform • Commercial Times  more

  • 《A New Landmark for integrated medical care》Opening of the New Taipei City Tucheng Municipal Hospital

    Following a six-year design and construction period, the New Taipei City Tucheng Municipal Hospital Complex, designed by JJP, held its opening ceremony on 7/22. JJP principals Chung Tsai Huang & Chungwei Su were in attendance. The Department of Health of the New Taipei City Government commissioned the project with Chang Gung Medical Foundation through a BOT (build, operate, and transfer) arrangement. JJP was commissioned to design this regional hospital that meets the standards of a major medical center. The project consists of 3 below and 15 above grade floors with 1,000 beds and 39 medical divisions. The design adopts the concept of urban transformation, which utilizes local resources with human-oriented medical care. By introducing local cultural characteristics, the hospital embodies warmth with vibrant colors, such as the “tung blossom” motif on the cornerstone. The design utilized BIM and meets all relevant standards, including EEWH gold certification and Intelligent Building silver certification, while  more

  • 《Unfold the Old - Holistic Care and Service for the Senior Environment》- Senior-Friendly Housing and Health Improvement Forum

    Chung-Tsai Huang, Principal of JJP, was invited to speak at the Senior-Friendly Housing and Health Improvement Forum, jointly organized by the Health and Sustainable Development Foundation, Taipei Foundation of Universal Design Education, International Union for Health Promotion and Education, International Committee on Age-Friendly Health Care and the New Taipei City Government, held on July 19th in the New Taipei City Hall. The forum focused on the theme of “Towards a Healthy Living Environment of All” and invited the AIA New York Chapter Design for Aging Committee representative Susan Wright to share her experience. Further discussions took place among the Taiwanese professionals, politicians, and industrial representatives on issues ranging from senior living, pension, long-term care, to housing issues. Principal Chung-Tsai Huang elaborated on the theme “holistic care for the senior environment”, emphasizing the diverse connections between architecture and the environment in an aging society. He advocated for multigenerational co-living space, universal design and the creation of a greater  more

  • Giant Cycling Culture Museum opens

    The Cycling Culture Museum at the newly completed Giant Group Global Headquarters, designed by JJP, was officially unveiled on July 2nd. The grand opening ceremony featured Giant Group founder King Liu and JJP founder Joshua Pan, FAIA, along with members of their respective teams. Located within the Taichung Campus of the Central Taiwan Science Park, the project is situated amongst the leading IT manufacturers of Taiwan and encompasses an R+D office tower and the Cycling Culture Museum. In terms of architectural design, the building form is dynamically sculpted to recall Giant’s technological prowess, while its curvaceous shape and sustainable design features evoke the simplicity and eco-friendliness of the bicycle. The project is a distinct landmark and aspiring statement uniquely suited for the future of Giant Group. The newly opened Cycling Culture Museum features the evolution of the bicycle and the development of cycling culture as its main theme. Exploring cycling in the  more

  • Professionalism, Continuance and Sustainability in Architecture

    “The natural selection principle of "survival of the fittest" is about neither predator and prey nor the elimination of the weak. Rather it is how to equip oneself to contribute more, to enrich humankind, the environment, and culture, and most importantly, to alleviate the sufferings of future generations. I believe this is true of architecture as well. Through generations of continuance and sustainable practice, the professional value of architecture has been demonstrated, and its contribution can reach new heights and vision.” ──Joshua Jih Pan   In September 2019, we received an invitation from ta Taiwan Architecture to serve as the guest editor of this issue. With nearly four decades of history, we at JJP asked ourselves from what perspective should we view architecture. What is the purpose of JJP to assemble nearly 300 professionals? The answer has nothing to do with the projects, regardless of scale or individual preference, but rather a shared belief  more

  • "The Cultural Construction of a Global Brand" - Giant Group Global Headquarters

    The May issue of the Taiwan Architect magazine features the "Giant Group Global Headquarters" designed by JJP, as its cover story. A special commentary further explores how the project’s architectural design resolves a myriad of challenges to elevate the act of "brand building" to the art of "cultural construction". Located within the Taichung campus of the Central Taiwan Science Park, amongst the leading IT manufacturers of Taiwan, the dynamically sculpted building forms are clad in aluminum panels to recall Giant’s technological prowess and evoke the speed and simplicity of the bicycle. The soaring office/R+D tower and curvaceous cycling museum compose a distinct landmark uniquely suited for the new headquarters of Giant Group. read more: Giant Group Global Headquarters Portfolio Taiwan Architect Magazine - Introduction Taiwan Architect Magazine - Review  Tectonic Becoming Exhibition 2020  more

  • New Taipei City Municipal Hospital Begins Trial Operation

    After 6-years of design and construction, the New Taipei City Municipal Hospital begins its trial operation on April 29th, 2020. The Department of Health of the New Taipei City Government implemented a BOT (build, operate and transfer) model, and the Chang Gung medical foundation won the bid. This general teaching hospital consists of 3 below and 15 above grade floors with 1,000 beds and 39 medical divisions. The project adopts the concept of urban transformation, which utilizes local resources with human-oriented medical care. By introducing characteristics of local culture, the hospital embodies warmth with vibrant colors, such as the “tung blossom” on the cornerstone. The design meets the standards of a gold-certified Green Building, silver-grade Intelligent Building, and BIM, promoting the idea of an ecologically friendly, energy-saving, waste reduced, and healthy environment. The project was granted with the New Taipei City Urban Design Award in 2017. The hospital will become a general  more

  • Tectonic Becoming Exhibition 2020

    The "Tectonic Becoming Exhibition 2020" started from March 21 to May 3 at the Taichung Cultural Heritage Park. As one of the participants of the exhibition, JJP presented the Giant Group Global Headquarters. The project manager, David Lee, gave a speech on the weekend seminar on April 18th at the outdoor plaza of the park. In response to the Covid-19 prevention measures, the venue was limited to 25 audiences, and the seminar was broadcasted on Facebook. Mr. Wenzhou Wen, Chief of Staff of Giant Group, and Mr. Liao Xueben, Director of Best Giving Construction, also joined the seminar and shared their perspectives on the design of the project and the exploration of architectural integration between Taiwan and the rest of the world. The building “Giant Group Global Headquarters”, as design by JJP, mimics not only the curvature of bicycle wheels, but the implementation of sustainable design also reflects the concept of  more

  • JJP speaks on an online dialogue featuring #architecture

    As the guest editor of the 2020 June issue of the Taiwan Architecture Magazine (TA), JJP hosted a series of architectural interview and forum. The only public interview, held on April 11th at the Social Innovation Lab, featured Shu-chang Kung, Jr-Gang Chi, Nancy Lin, JJP’s principal Chungwei Su, and Enta Yang, founder of Forgemind ArchiMedia, as the moderator. This architectural dialogue takes on the theme of TA’s 2020 June issue “Generational Legacy and Sustainable Architecture Practice.” At this critical moment of a global epidemic, the event was held virtually to protect both the speakers and the audience. Deepest gratitude to those who participated. The topics discussed will be reflected in the June issue of TA and Forgemind ArchiMedia. Please follow us on Facebook and YouTube for further information. read more: JJP Facebook  JJP YouTube Forgemind ArchiMedia  more

  • Two JJP projects win Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL)

    The first UK Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL) in 2019 has announced its finalists: The "Hsinchu Municipal Library" and "Midway House, Tsai Hsing Elite Club," both designed by JJP. The judges are comprised of representatives of internationally renowned architecture firms, including UNStudio (Netherlands), Zaha Hadid (UK), C. F. Møller (Denmark), and more. The award serves as an integrated platform that recognizes creative, innovative, socially impactful, and sustainable design solutions from the works of worldwide architects, interior designers, and real estate developers. Through creative ways of integrating local culture with sustainability, and embracing innovative architectural ideas, the two award-winning projects demonstrate JJP’s efforts in engaging with the international design community. read more: Midway House, Tsai Hsing Elite Club Hsinchu Municipal Library  more