• A Window for Urban Charm—Center for Public and Business Administration Education, NCCU

    The Center for Public and Business Administration Education has been featured in the Taiwan Architect Magazine’s 2022 January Issue.  This project created connections between campus activities and the surrounding urban environment through the public square toward the open classrooms. Spaces of various forms in the changing volumes lead users to experience the place from outside to the inside. A glass box for meeting and discussion perched high in the light filled atrium is visually linked to the outdoor terrace. The creative uses of each space inspire intense and unexpected encounters and exchange. Continuing the context of the surrounding streets and blocks, the canopied green corner and the public artwork enhance the charm of the campus with the public. CPBAE won the Honorable Mention of the 2022 BLT Built Design Awards (US), and the 2022 Construction Golden Quality Award for Architectural Design (Taiwan). In the spring of 2023, JJP presents this  more

  • JJP Receives one Gold Medal and one Silver Medal from the 7th REARD Global Design Awards

    The REARD Global Design Awards announced its 2022 winners on Nov 23. After intense competition, JJP’s  Xi'an Hi-tech Zone Huanpu Industrial Park (phase III) was awarded the Gold Medal, and the CMW (Wuhan) Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. the Silver Medal. Gold Medal/Architecture in Industrial City Xi'an Hi-tech Zone Huanpu Industrial Park (phase III) This project is for the third phase development of the Industrial park, and with the limitations of the site, the design team had to think outside the box.  In order to meet the demands of the office area, economic efficiency of high-rise building, new style of working, and building regulations, multiple highly integrated rooms with humane scales are created. A variety of leisure spaces and exchange platforms are also established to provide a working experience that is out of the ordinary. Silver Medal/Architecture in Industrial City CMW (Wuhan) Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. Located in the Hi-Tech Zone east of Xiaogan City, Hubei Province,  more

  • Giant Group Global Headquarters Won Honorable Mention of 2022 Taiwan Architecture Awards

    Among 215 entries, the Giant Group Global Headquarters was selected as the Honorable Mention of the 2022 Taiwan Architecture Awards. The Selection Committee commented on this project: “In the maze of boxes that is the Central Taiwan Science Park, the design of this project set out from the corporation trademark and combined bicycle ramps to shape a sculptural building with flowing dynamics. To convey the corporation’s professional image, JJP has successfully integrated construction techniques within the budget, a testament to the design team’s solid training and experience. As a corporation headquarters, the shared benefits that Giant creates through promoting sports and opening to public is praiseworthy. The restraint and thoughtfulness of the architecture makes it distinguishable in the technology jungle.”  more

  • China Evangelical Seminary Chapel Receives Awards from DNA and AMP

    The chapel of the China Evangelical Seminary won the Honorable Mention of Small Scale Project in the DNA Paris Design Awards (France) and the Excellent Architecture from the Architecture Master Prize Awards (US). Located in the Bade District, Taoyuan, the Seminary is an incubator of theologists or practitioners. Its mission is to instill missionaries, religious servants and believers with knowledge and practical training. At the center of the campus, facing the square in front of the gate, the chapel is an icon of the Seminary. ​The building subtly embodies the vision of trinity, and the appearance of the bell tower and cross is changing as light and shadows change, conveying a sense of tranquility and solemnity.  Inspired by the aesthetics of gothic architecture, steel columns on the two sides extend to constitute patterns of arches under the ceiling, reminiscent of the ribbed vaults of gothic churches, while allowing the main hall of  more

  • Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) featured in Passenger Terminal World magazine

    KHH featured in Passenger Terminal World magazine The Master Planning and Schematic Design of the New Terminal of Kaohsiung International Airport" was featured in Passenger Terminal World’s 2023 Showcase issue with a 6-page story coverage. This project was entrusted by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) to three leading design and engineering firms - JJP Architects & Planners is leading the basic design of the new terminal, April Yang Design Studio is responsible for the airport master planning, while Taiwan Engineering Consultants Group (TECG) is in charge of infrastructure and civil engineering. As the most important southern gateway to Taiwan, KHH forecasts that over the next 20+ years its domestic and international passengers will hit 16.5 million in 2045, which is the criteria that the airport design aims to meet. The coverage focused especially on the design objectives and design concept. The new terminal will be built on the same site as the current facilities  more

  • JJP Wins "Kinmen County Central Library and Art Museum" Design Competition

    Kinmen, an island that is closer to Fujian, China than Taiwan, with its special geographical location and rich geological textures, has emerged from its tumultuous history with pride. Today, well preserved villages in the traditional style of southern Fujian, sprinkled with western mansions built by wealthy emigrants, and cold war battlefield relics coexist harmoniously, accumulating in distinctive architectural and cultural layers. Sponsored by the Kinmen County Government, the building program for the library and art museum will encompass 13,200 m2, and anchor a proposed arts and cultural special district. Groundbreaking for the project is planned for late 2023 with completion expected by the fourth quarter of 2026. The two-stage design competition attracted 27 international and domestic teams in the first round, of which 5 teams were selected as finalists. According to the jury, the winning team led by JJP demonstrated a profound knowledge of the site and Kinmen as a whole, while  more

  • A Pinecone for Fruitful Learning—National Central University’s Multi-Functional Auditorium Wins Silver Prize in the International Design Awards

    The International Design Awards USA (IDA), which recognizes and celebrates exceptional design and designers in the professions of architecture, interior, product and fashion, has announced the 2021 winners. JJP’s Multi-Functional Auditorium for the National Central University is the recipient of the Silver Prize in architecture. Pine tree is the symbol of the National Central University, and the design of the new auditorium was inspired by the pine cone bearing seeds of wisdom. Two volumes of the building stand on the axis of the campus, consisting of an auditorium with 1,500 seats, a research center, and the building of multi-functional classrooms. Surrounded by a sprightly pine forest, the shape of a pine cone is to create layered spaces in the ovoid. The acoustic reflections carefully designed are for lectures and performances of music or theaters, thus the events inside can be connected to the outdoor space, thereby augmenting the stage. In addition to  more

  • A Half-Century of Architecture in the Changing Taiwan- Special Issue of Taiwan Architect Magazine

    JJP’s founder Joshua Jih Pan was engaged by the National Association for Architects, among other researchers and architects, to compile A Half Century of Architecture in the Changing Taiwan 1971~2021. 1971 marked the enactment of the Architects Act, and this publication surveyed eight topics over the past five decades. They are: urban planning and architecture regulations; construction materials and technologies/techniques; changing requirements of living; changing conditions of the society, economy and climate; influences of social movements; new types of public works; revitalization of historical sites. Through these issues, the anthology explores the crucial turning points in the recent history of architecture in Taiwan. The chapter Changing Conditions of the Society, Economy and Climate was compiled by JJP, and the content was based on discussions over a 6-month period between Joshua Jih Pan and young designers, including oral history collections and archive reviews on themes of cities, industries, public works, and  more

  • Good Design is Good Business- Lecture at AIA Taipei Section

    On Dec 18, 2021, Principal of JJP Chungwei Su, CEO of Ally Logistic Property Charlie Chang, and Principal of Envision Engineering Consultants Kevin Chang presented the design and construction of the Ally’s Yangmei Logistics Center at AIA Taipei Section. Planned and designed by JJP, the Yangmei Logistics Center is on a site surrounded by farm ponds, and high speed railway runs by it. The appearance of the building suggests speed and distribution, the essential characteristics of modern logistics. This project has received the Gold Prize of 2018 Melbourne Design Award, 2021 Silver Award of Architectural Society of China, and shortlisted in the category of the Most Innovative and Impactful Design of Engineering or Technology of LEAF Awards in the UK. It was published by ArchDaily international version, and was featured on the German 2020 ARCHIPENDIUM calendar. During the forum, architect Chungwei Su shared the design conception that transformed the needs of the  more

  • The Dawn of a New Spring - China Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

    Inspired by the Gothic structure in the chapel of the "China Evangelical Graduate School of Theology", this design aims to transmit a feeling of a firm connection of trust during the times of the pandemic. As the new spring dawns, JJP wishes you and your family a wonderful year ahead, full of good health and prosperity! read more: China Evangelical Graduate School of Theology Portfolio  more