• "Leading Pioneer in Industrial Upgrade" Lite-On Technology Phase I Plant and Administration Building

    The master plan of Lite-On Technology project is based on the concept of an unpolished piece of jade, with a network of landscaped roads serving the buildings planned in two phases that are linked by Inner Ring North Road, thereby forming a polished overall configuration. Within the 2.2 hectare site, the architecture takes balance craftsmanship and budget into consideration, effectively shortening the construction period and reducing manpower. The exterior wall adopts modular sandwich panels, while the service core is arranged on the east and west sides of the building. By enriching the façade expression through a bar-code appearance combined with deep recessed windows and curtain wall design, the form and function are effectively integrated. The building includes conferences, administration, work areas, restaurants, training classrooms, and gyms. Natural light is introduced through generous windows, combined with a lighting plan with a delightful color scheme, the aim is to create a pleasant environment for  more

  • Voice Architecture Lab visits JJP

    The founding partner of the Voice Architecture Lab, Mr. Yu-Chieh Chiang, knew JJP’s attendants at “2019 AIA International Region Conference-Shanghai” last year. Both of Mr. Chiang and JJP wished to have further interaction soon. This time, Mr. Jiang visited four principals, Chungwei Su, Hsiao-Ming Chang, Alex Chuang, and Chris H. Chao, on 3/4. Both parties shared their professional practice and some of its bitterness on the projects. In the future, all expect to bring better benefits to society via the architecture profession.  more

  • JJP was named one of the 10 firms crafting the cultural landmarks of tomorrow said Architizer A+award

    Architizer A+award is now celebrating its 8th Anniversary, featuring the Future of Architecture. Giving global recognition to forward-thinking designers that are forging new solutions for our evolving world. The Editors and Jury have selected ten firms notable for crafting the cultural landmarks of tomorrow. Quote from the press (https://architizer.com/blog/inspiration/collections/future-of-architecture-cultural-landmarks/) “From museums and theaters to libraries and pavilions. The traditions of construction, form and spatial organization inform how culture is manifested in physical space. The following projects showcase some of the innovative and award-winning cultural buildings constructed over the last decade. Together, they show how architects are making iconic designs that can become landmarks for the future.” JJP was honored to have the pleasure of innovating with their client, Delta Electronics. The ‘Ring of Celestial Bliss.’ was the main lantern of Taiwan’s Lantern Festival in 2013. From the exterior, the lantern appears as a glowing object hovering in the night air, a feat achieved  more

  • Yangmei Logistics Center published on ARCHIPENDIUM 2020 design calendar

    The ARCHIPENDIUM calendar is published by German publisher Archimappublishers intended for designers and design enthusiasts. Each issue contains 365 unique or contemporary examples of architecture and interior design, allowing the design works to be seen by the world in a unique way. The “Yangmei Logistics Center” designed by JJP Architects and Planners was invited to appear on the page of the 23rd or March 2020, the third project by JJP Architects and Planners to be collected in the ARCHIPENDIUM calendar (previous works include the Dingpu MRT Station and the E.Sun Hope Campus. The project is a logistics warehouse, located in Yangmei, Taoyuan. It is surrounded by countryside houses and ponds with a high-speed railway passing close to the site. Displaying new design thinking that sets a benchmark for future logistics, the project’s flowing appearance of the speed of distribution, exhibited within ARCHIPENDIUM's design calendar, shows JJP’s continuous pursuit of a future architectural  more

  • "1001 Libraries To See Before You Die "Smile Taiwan" Recommends National Library of Public Information

    A well-known website "Smile Taiwan" introduces Taiwanese scenery with unique themes. By experiencing the charm of urban and rural areas through in-depth tourism, the website conveys the yearning of beauty and its pursuit in Taiwan. Recently they report on "The National Library of Public Information" designed by JJP Architects and Planners. The article introduces five stylish libraries in Taiwan to readers as part of Smile Taiwan’s "1001 Libraries To See Before You Die”. The National Library of Public Information stands out with the architectural image of "a river of flowing knowledge". The Library Association's IFLA lists it in "1001 libraries to see before you die", making it the first library in Taiwan to be registered on this list. The National Library of Public Information embodies the interactive exchange of knowledge, and shares the local cultural landscape with readers, between the mountain image space and the flow of the natural light permeating the  more

  • “Life-long practice of humanistic architecture” an interview by FBS media

    Joshua Pan, FAIA, accepted an online media interview with " FBS media ", a marketing communications research company dedicated to real estate and media. From Mr Pan’s training, practice, and business establishment, through to his pursuit of architectural and humanistic realization, Mr. Pan has shown the original human values and building appearance of Taiwanese architecture in changing times. Mr. Pan also talked about the living philosophy of senior citizens in an aging society. The elder generation wants to be needed, “by using design techniques, the older members of the community is able to contribute to society again, and is not just the party that society has to care for. The interview also mentioned some recent concepts such as "co-living programs" and "big public / small private spaces", through the introduction of Mr Pan’s company’s (JJP Architects & Planners) cases, the readers were made more aware of the key principles of senior citizen  more

  • Economic Daily News interviews Chunghwa Precision Test Tech for new Headquarters Inauguration

    Chunghwa Precision Test Tech (the client) was video-interviewed by Economic Daily News regarding their new headquarters design goal and their current business model. During the interview, the client mentioned that they had worked with JJP Architects and Planners to deliver an optimal environment for their employees. Multiple sustainable design concepts include a multi-layer LOW-E glass curtain wall with electric sunshade louvers to form natural outer wall ventilation, dual wall system, stack ventilation, and a roof garden. Some of the interior areas incorporate high-ceilings, which form excellent spaces for exterior views and employee communication. The overall design uses concise lines to represents the client’s corporate image and representation of the spirit of technology. Economic Daily News Chunghwa Precision Test Tech new headquarters 经济日报影音专访  「中华精测企业总部大楼」设计说明     more

  • Hsinchu Municipal Library Competition Receives Honorable Mention From IDA

    The IDA (International Design Awards), which is dedicated to making groundbreaking designs shine in recognition on the global stage, has recently announced its 13th winner list. It covers fields including architecture, interior design, graphic design, and product design. The Hsinchu Municipal Library competition entry by JJP Architects and Planners was awarded honorable mention this year. Via a local view of ancient Hsinchu, the design concept adopts the existing urban fabric of footpaths, canals, and green belts. As the library becomes a part of the urban context and together forms a courtyard-like cultural activity square. The “book core” that defines the interior function connects each floor where it consists of reading rooms, a salon, and cultural lecture halls, making the library an urban showcase. The library wishes to become a part of each citizens’ life and memory through this new thinking that goes beyond the design of a single building.  more

  • Winbond’s New Office Building in Zhubei Opens

    Winbond Electronics Zhubei Building, which is located in close proximity to the Hsinchu high-speed rail station, was officially opened in November 2021?. The flowing waves of the building form have become a unique landmark of the area. A major concept, green pockets, creates a friendly working environment full of greenery. An open plaza and landscaping sit at the entrance providing a pleasant pedestrian area. “Green pockets”, the wavy peninsula-like spaces inside the building and those discussion clusters in the office areas are pervasive in and around the building. The undulating façade of the building envelope echoes Hsinchu’s local identity, which also reflects the trends in the technology field. The façade shape helps to reduce the amount of sunlight exposure to the interior of the building, reducing the thermal load. The high ceiling of the ground floor contains an art gallery and an exhibition hall, which displays master artworks created about environmental preservation, sponsored  more

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    The Dawn of a New Spring Inspired by the efficiency of distribution centers and the velocity of nearby high-speed trains, the ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei project elevates the form and function of logistical architecture to new heights. At the dawn of a new spring, JJP wishes you a year full of promises come true!  more