• JJP Wins "Kinmen County Central Library and Art Museum" Design Competition

    Kinmen, an island that is closer to Fujian, China than Taiwan, with its special geographical location and rich geological textures, has emerged from its tumultuous history with pride. Today, well preserved villages in the traditional style of southern Fujian, sprinkled with western mansions built by wealthy emigrants, and cold war battlefield relics coexist harmoniously, accumulating in distinctive architectural and cultural layers. Sponsored by the Kinmen County Government, the building program for the library and art museum will encompass 13,200 m2, and anchor a proposed arts and cultural special district. Groundbreaking for the project is planned for late 2023 with completion expected by the fourth quarter of 2026. The two-stage design competition attracted 27 international and domestic teams in the first round, of which 5 teams were selected as finalists. According to the jury, the winning team led by JJP demonstrated a profound knowledge of the site and Kinmen as a whole, while  more

  • The Dawn of a New Spring - China Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

    Inspired by the Gothic structure in the chapel of the "China Evangelical Graduate School of Theology", this design aims to transmit a feeling of a firm connection of trust during the times of the pandemic. As the new spring dawns, JJP wishes you and your family a wonderful year ahead, full of good health and prosperity! read more: China Evangelical Graduate School of Theology Portfolio  more

  • JJP Participates at Forum of Healthy Living for All Ages

    Sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the City Government of Kaohsiung, the “ELDER CARE ASIA 2020” was held at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from November 12th  to November 15th. The EXPO invited architect Erh-pan Kao, the founder of Taipei Union Hospital for Women and Children, Dr. Paul Lin, and Yen Chih Tseng, Deputy Director of Design at JJP, to deliver remarks at the“Forum of Healthy Living for All Ages.” Yen Chih Tseng, spoke about “holistic care”and elaborated that with empathy and the creative solution to adapt to site conditions, a universal design could be implemented to create a suitable humanitarian space for all ages. His remarks dovetail with the forum’s focus on living independently with the aid of universal access and aesthetics in design, looking forward to building a humanitarian focused living environment that is not only safe, healthy, but comfortable to live in. 相关连结: • Elder Care Asia • 经济日报_青银共享乐龄生活 亚洲乐龄智慧生活展       more

  • Penghu North Sea Visitors Center won silver medal for the 2020 WAN Architectural Design Award

    Internationally renowned WAN(World Architecture News) announced on November 18th that the “Penghu North Sea Visitors Center” has won the silver medal for the 2020 WAN Architectural Design Award (Future Projects- Leisure). More than 30 countries submitted for the 2020 Wan Award competition. Over 50 international architects served as juries to select projects that encompass international perspectives, efficient energy usage, and innovative sustainable design, while exhibiting a sensibility for the urban and environmental context. Penghu North Sea Visitors Center: Influenced by the severe weather conditions, the local farming culture developed windbreak walls called vegetable house, whose form inspired the visitor center’s wind resiliency. Wind towers placed vertical to the harsh northeast monsoon form the inner plaza to hold festive activities. These elements also respond to the collective memory of Chihkan village in Penghu. Through analyzing and responding to wind, daylight, and thermal energy, the natural elements inform spatial qualities to gather and pedestrian plazas to  more

  • The Chapel of Suang-Lien Elderly Center published in Christian Tribune

    In the article titled “Taiwan Contemporary Church Tour” published by the Chinese Christian Tribune, the “Suang-Lien Elderly Center Presbyterian Chapel” designed by JJP was selected as the “Church Exclusively for Elderlies,” was also featured for its local landmark characteristics. Inspired by the verse in the bible, “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes” (Isaiah. 54:2). The “Suang-Lien Presbyterian chapel” seeks to deliver the impression of inclusivity and compassion through its architectural language and program of long-term elderly care. The project has went through three extensive construction phases and is currently in its fourth phase. The dome-shaped chapel is a reminder for residents and visitors alike that its doors are always opened to them.  more

  • Chunghwa Precision Test Tech Headquarters published in Taiwan Architect Magazine

    Designed by JJP with the values of simplicity, technology, and humanitarian in mind, the Chunghwa Precision Test Tech Headquarters has been published in Taiwan Architect Magazine’s November edition. The office building consists of 10 above grade floors with 2 basement levels, while adopting various sustainable design concepts, including low-E coated double glazed glass with automated shading louvers and trickle ventilators, an outer loop double-wall heat exhaust system, and temperature variation gravitational wind tunnel, rooftop garden, thereby accomplishing both functional office spaces and sustainable design. Double height interior spaces create great visual experiences and provide workers with optimal interactive and collaborative space. Simple furnishings and designs are introduced in the lobby to deliver a reliable corporate image, and showcase the ability to have both human-centered and technologically innovative attributes. Read more: 建筑师十一月号报导 Headquarters, Chunghwa Precision Test Tech     more

  • Joshua Pan, FAIA Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    JJP’s founder, Joshua Pan, FAIA, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award during the closing ceremony of the 2020 18th Global Views Leaders Forum, sponsored by the Commonwealth Publishing Group, held on November 5th and 6th. The theme of the forum this year was “Disintegrate and Reintegrate - a Post- Pandemic New world”, and invited 400 ethnic Chinese leaders to gather in Taipei to speak about interdisciplinary topics through technology integration, and position the Chinese community to lead the way for the international community in a post-pandemic era. Joshua Pan, FAIA, has cultivated 40 years of experience in the architecture field and has gained international recognition. He continues to focus on the generational continuance in the architecture profession and sustainable architectural practices. The event organizer stated that “traditional Confucianism has influence Mr. Pan profoundly. Scholar Han Yu, from the Tang Dynasty, once advocated that “Writings is to Convey Truth,” Mr. Pan subsequently stated  more

  • JJP shortlisted for Hyperloop Desert Campus Competition

    Young Architects Competitions (YAC) launched the「 “Hyperloop Desert Campus」” international competition, which was inspired by Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept. The competition, which young architects are invited to participate in, involves designing the future Hyperloop test center situated in the Mojave Desert. The jury for this competition includes world-renowned architects representing MDRDV, UNStudio, Foster + Partners, Arup, SANAA, and more. The competition seeks to discover the most creative and sustainable design solution. JJP submitted two schemes, “Hyperbloom” that takes inspiration from the flower superbloom in the desert, and ”Recharge the Loop” that speaks about the afterlife of the Hyperloop test center. Both schemes examined sustainability in the context of the desert environment. “Hyperbloom“ was able to stand out from the tough competition and was listed as the YAC “Hyperloop Desert Campus」” finalist. 相关连结: 「Hyperloop Desert Campus」young architects competitions Hyperloop Desert Campus  more

  • JJP Receives Two Outstanding Intelligent Building Award

    Two JJP designed projects, “TSMC F12 P4/6/7 OFFICE” and “Hsinchu TFC One” received the 2nd Outstanding Intelligent Building Award. Principals Jason Chen and Jong-Yu Cheng attended the award ceremony on October 20th. “TSMC F12 P4/6/7 OFFICE” designed with the notion of intelligent ecology as the feature for the TSMC technological campus, exhibits the care for the environment and the innovation representative of Taiwan. ” Hsinchu TFC One” merges sustainability, leisure, R&D, and cultural aspects into its concept of green building with the idea of “Living, Ecology, Production” as the core of its green ideology. The importance of intelligent buildings is not merely to upgrade the equipment functions. It is through a series of design approaches that will resonate with the mind of people and optimize their experience. JJP is honored to receive the awards and will continue its societal responsibilities and build a better future.  more

  • “The Positive Architecture Outcome That Could End the Heat Island Effect” CommonWealth Magazine Interview

    The alarming heat island effect and climate emergency has raised a pressing issue for architects and introduces the following questions. How does the new generation of architects adjust their design process and thinking to tackle such issues through architecture? Project Manager David Lee from JJP speaks about the design process of “Giant Global Headquarters” to respond to the issues raised by CommonWealth Magazine during a recent interview. The interview speaks about site analysis, facade materials, landscape ecology, solar energy, and more. Through a series of well-organized spatial design, balcony positioning, the indent of exterior glass, service core positioning, user behavior, and solar studies, the design not only was able to minimize direct interior sunlight exposure, but it also gave the inhabitants a vast of view outwards with plenty of natural lighting. Most importantly, the placement of programs ensured users would move through space with the most western sun exposure, eliminating the need  more