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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Dawn of a New Spring

Inspired by the efficiency of distribution centers and the velocity of nearby high-speed trains, the ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei project elevates the form and function of logistical architecture to new heights. At the dawn of a new spring, JJP wishes you a year full of promises come true!

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Joshua Jih Pan meets Zhang Li’s Team Minus Studio

J. J. Pan and Partners, Architects and Planners visited Team Minus Studio, located on Tsing Hua University’s east entrance, and had a discussion about challenges and thoughts on architecture practices with Professor Zhang Li’s team.

Cong Li from Minus Studio asked, “How to confront opinionated clients or governmental institutions with different ideas or proposals?”
Pan suggested that one should take the professional responsibility and fight with principles (據理力爭) instead of complying with unreasonable requests.
However, architects should stand in the shoes of clients’ and try their best to picture any possible solutions. With sufficient preparation, architects can naturally obtain client’s understanding and support.
Background information: Professor Zhang Li is the main fosterer for Winter Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing. Minus Studio, bearing with thoughts on sustainable architecture, planned the reusability and the post-Olympics legacy of the building, making efforts for the world’s environment.

Photos provided by: Minus Studio

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