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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Dawn of a New Spring

Inspired by the efficiency of distribution centers and the velocity of nearby high-speed trains, the ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei project elevates the form and function of logistical architecture to new heights. At the dawn of a new spring, JJP wishes you a year full of promises come true!

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Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA shared reflections” Enjoy free spirit in the arts “on architectural design in Beijing

On the afternoon of June 14, Joshua Jih Pan, invited by China Electronics Engineering Design Institute, shared his reflections of architectural design “Enjoy free spirit in the arts” in Beijing. He exemplified sustainable architecture with the semiconductor factory that has received Outstanding Green Building Design Award and LEED Gold Certification.

“New constructions’ damages to our environment are inevitable. However, to repair, rehab, and recover ecosystem is our responsibility and a must-do mission.” Pan stated. Through great efforts, the plant that could originally contain 49 Boeing Aircrafts is now being re-inhabited by animals and insects.

Pan also shared examples of urban renewal, along with cases on religious architectural works and elderly accommodative facilities. Among the examples, National Library of Public Information in Taichung has been selected as one of “1,001 libraries to see before you die.” It alters urban resident’s habits on public libraries. The elderlies and families further viewed the library as an urban living room where they meet up and enjoy leisure time.


Photos provided by: China Electronics Engineering Design Institute, J.J. Pan and Partners, Architects and Planners


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