The Civil Aeronautics Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication announced the results for the "Master Planning and Schematic Design of the New Terminal of Kaohsiung International Airport" today, with the international winning team led by JJP, April Yang Design Studio and the Taiwan Engineering Consultants Group.

Pursuant to the vision laid out in the “Kaohsiung International Airport 2035 Overall Plan”, the team proposed to combine the new passenger terminal, the ground transportation center and the existing international terminal as the optimal configuration. The jury commended the scheme for allowing future expansion flexibility while taking into consideration the existing international terminal.

The future terminal will seamlessly integrate with the existing terminal, so that the airside facilities can be flexibly adjusted according to actual traffic demand. On the land side, the Customs/Immigration/Quarantine/Security (CIQS) facilities can be combined, while the airport's transportation, dining, shopping, and commercial functions can be strengthened.

The new terminal design combines transportation, industry, and imageries of the ocean and local culture to create an international airport belonging to port city of Kaohsiung. The unique architectural and landscape design is based on the concept of gliding seagulls and undulating waves, while the large-span structure of the roof resembles an oil-paper umbrella from the local town of Meinung. The unitized roof design provides flexibility for expansion and transforms the indoor space into an urban theater.

The team will provide professional services in three phases, including "Master Planning", "Schematic Design" and "Subsequent Design Development and Construction Stage Procurement Management Analysis", to help establish Kaohsiung Airport as the main international airport in southern Taiwan.