Jason Chen was invited to give a speech at 11th China International Exhibition of Senior Care, Rehabilitation Medicine and Healthcare: the old times never fade away- design experiences in healthcare on June 9th, 2016. In speech, he not only shared the experiences in designing the healthcare facilities but also pointed out the the ageing and aged population trends via a architecture perspective. The summary of his speech are as below:

The ageing and aged population is rocketing in the globe according to the statistics from UN and Taiwan's Council for Economic Planning And Development, Executive Yuan in 2003 and 2014 ,respectively. For instance, China is going to step into aged society* in 2017 and highly possible to become super aged society* in 2028. As a result, the healthcare facilities become much more essential than ever. Besides, Jason proposed a new perspective "HEALTH" which specifically divide the elders into various types and take care of with their needs indeed. He also shared a project that applied universal design which emphasized everything should not only be feasible for elders but everyone.

At the end of the speech, Jason still wanted to remind the audience that healthcare is not only about the physical elements. Instead, it is about love, attention, and extension of esteem. He encouraged the society should care more on this topic.


*aged society: 14% or more of population aged 65 or above

*super aged society:20% or more of population aged 65 or above