In order to strengthen the international research plan and establish a platform for industry-academia cooperation, Chung Yuan Christian University commissioned JJP to design the building – “Zhixing-Linghang Hall” and held its opening on March 12th. “Zhixing-Linghang” means turning knowledge into real action and leading the corporates in the technology field.

The New Zhongbei campus is divided into two areas, the Industry-Academia area, and dormitory. The project uses “New Zhongbei Green Blvd” as planning axis to attach both campuses. Architecturally, the design takes Industry 4.0 as a concept to disperse the needs of spaces by clusters, areas, and phases. The façade uses blue, that signifies this university as main color tone. By rhythmically changing the massing, it creates uniqueness and definition of the departments, respectively, to express the image of Industry 4.0 and the beliefs of the individual difference in teams.

Two landscape-decorated detention basins sit on both the north and south side of the building, respectively. The building envelope uses an organic coating and energy-saving glass, while a skylight atrium is arranged on the third floor, to create a comfortable interaction area with fresh air convection. This is the first building in Chung Yuan Christian University that achieved EEWH Gold in green building certificate. The client expects this building to build up a platform for cross-field resources and become the role model of industry-academia collaboration.