Archipendium calendars is published by Archimappublisher Berlin, whose publisher was founded by architects Gerd Kaiser, Nils Peters and Sascha Wormuth. Passionate about architecture, they create everything from folding maps to books to calendars about architecture and urban design. Each page is packed with information about the project, which aims to encourage public interest of architecture. With an unusual format deliberately chosen as a daily great reminder that makes life possible, the beautiful calendars have sold over 4,000 copies.

Designed by J.J.Pan & Partners, Dingpu Metro Station was invited to be posted on the calendar page of September 1st. Integrated lighting fixtures reinforce the design theme by abstractly expressing light waves, halos and radiancy appearing as patterns on the ceiling, floor and walls. Ceiling panels are arranged in accordance with the floor pattern. Programmable colored LED fixtures embedded in the concourse wall poetically reflect the changing environment.


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