Delta Electronics Foundation hosts an exhibition event on the topic of Green Buildings from Sep. 24th to Oct. 23rd at Boiler Room, Huashan Creative Park Taipei.

Green building is not always costly, but shall start with an attitude in everyone's life said the Chairman, Mr. Bruce Cheng. Mr. Chung Laung Liu, principal of National Tsing Hua University, quoted Tang poetry to express the essential role that green building plays in the society nowadays.

"Such a green event, architects are invited because they are the best negative representatives", Joshua Jih Pan punned. Some architects follows what they think and design despite the environment conditions. However, anything related to architecture consumes 60% to 70% of energy on earth so architects, as a part of the earth citizen, shall face the issues and learn to achieve ones' goals via good materials, and better planning. Thank Delta Electronics for giving JJP chances to put many green building designs into practices.