The book "Cultivating Compassion: Humanistic Architecture as Practiced by JJP Architects and Planners" details the history and development of JJP. It contains 21 completed projects. The page layout of this book is elegant with abundant photos and illustrations. And through the dialogue, commentary articles and other means to fully demonstrate the firm's philosophy and core values.

The spindle continues the pre-set - "Freedom in Design" in the design essence of -艸-执-云, the selection of works implies that introspection also has the image of the times, regardless of the spirit of form and place, new development and application, structure, materials and construction methods discussions, as well as cross-field cooperation and other program practices, reflect the JJP's changing situation, as the original intention of human values and a lot of architectural appearances.


This book is published by TONGJI UNIVERSITY PRESS in 2018