Executive Vice President

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture Feng Chia University
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Huafan Universit 1995 ~ 1996
  • Assistant Professor of Practice, National Chiao Tung University 2009 ~ 2010
Speech & Lecture
  • Hospital Addition Project Construction Management 1997
  • Engineering Ethics, Taiwan University & Tsing Hua University 2000 ~ 2002
  • Practice of Architecture for the Elderly, Taiwan University 2007
  • Time+Architecture Forum on the Planning and Architectural Design of Aged People’s Nursing Homes 2012
  • Conference on Caring with Respect, Shanghai 2015
  • Health and Long-term Care Seminar 2015
  • J.J. Pan and Partners, Architects and Planners 1987 ~ Present
  • Guodan Construction 1984 ~ 1986
  • Hongbin Construction 1982 ~ 1983

Related Project Experience

  • Taiwan U-Life Social Welfare Campus
  • Suang-Lien Xinzhuang Social Welfare Center
  • momo North Logistics Center
  • New Campus Planning, Pingtung Christian Hospital
  • Production Plant, Chiayi Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park,Cameo Communications Inc.
  • Chang Gung Tucheng Hospital BOT, Taipei Tucheng Chang Gung Medical Building,Taipei Linkou
  • Nursing House, Ping Tung Christian Hospital
  • Zhuangjing Rd. Dormitory, Ping Tung Christian Hospital
  • Office Building, E.SUN Commercial Bank, Ltd.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Addition, Sin-Lau Hospital
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Addition, Mennonite Christian Hospital
  • School Buildings, Mackay Medical College
  • Kinmen County Datung Home, Fukien, Kinmen County Government
  • ‧ Yunlin Branch of the Elderly Healthcare Pilot Zone, Taiwan University
  • Puli Christian Hospital Phase IV
  • Phase III of Social Welfare Park of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church
  • Facility III Building, Neo Solar Power Corp.
  • Facility II Building, Neo Solar Power Corp.
  • tsmc Solar Module Facility
  • Huai-Yuan Village Reconstruction Project
  • New Construction for Taiwan Photon Severe, SRRC
  • Tin Ka Ping Opto-Electronics Research Center,National Chiao Tung University
  • Science & Lecture Hall Building, National Chiao Tung University
  • Agriculture Biotechnology Park Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan
  • Gintect Corporation Chu-Nan Plant
  • Main Library, National Kinmen Institute of Technology
Project Management
  • Astronomy-Mathematics Building, Academia Sinica
  • Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica
Construction Management
  • Ping Tung Christian Hospital Phase IV Addition
  • Hi-tech Building, Etron Technology, Inc.
  • Out-Patient Building and Staff Dormitory,Mennonite Christian Hospital
  • Logefeil Memorial Hospital Renovation
Site Supervision
  • Founder's Memorial Library, Chinese Culture University
  • TSMC Fab III and Fab IV Project
  • Macronix Testing Building
  • IC Wafer Fab I and II Plants, Winbond Electronics Corporation
  • Taiwan Mask Corporation SIPA Plant
  • Information Science and Electrical Engineering Building,National Tsing Hua University
  • Nuclear Energy Teaching Laboratory, National Tsing Hua University
  • Drug Development and Safety Research Buildings,Development Center for Biotechnology
  • Puli Christian Hospital Addition
  • Hengchun Lutheran Hospital Addition
  • Second O. P. D. Building, Taichung Veterans General Hospital
  • Doctors' Housing, Taichung Veterans General Hospital
  • Faculty Housing, National Cheng Kung University
  • Maritime Technology Building, National Taiwan Ocean University
  • Student Dormitory No. 13, National Chiao Tung University
  • Parking Structure, Taichung Veterans' General Hospital
  • Parking Structure, Taipei Veterans' General Hospital
  • Gymnasium, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Indoor Swimming Pool, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Engineering Building, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Landscape & Sitework for Banyan Boulevard, Feng Chia University
  • Campus Landscape Development Plan,Feng Chia University
  • Chia-Yi Christian Hospital Medical Center Addition and Alteration
  • Renovation of Arts and Media Center for the Overseas Radio and Television
  • Grace Gospel Center, The Mon-Eng Presbyterian Church
  • Christian Panchiao Baptist Church Redevelopment
  • National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
  • Penghu Aquarium, Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute