Celebrating World Book & Copyright Day, the National Library of Public Information and National Formosa University collaborated on the exhibition, “Beyond the Frame - Decoding the Workman’s Accomplishment,” where Joshua Pan, FAIA was invited to participate.
Featuring “Reading Architecture” as the main theme, JJP’s exhibition consists of two parts: “Dreams that were achieved” and “Dreams yet to be realized.” The latter will be kept in the library as a permanent collection.
The exhibition showcases the following projects: National Library of Public Information, National Taiwan University Hospital Cancer Center, Chinese Culture University Gymnasium, National Taipei University Electrical & Information Engineering Building, Neihu Media Production Park BOT Project, and Ping Tung Performing Art Hall.
With the theme “the journey of an architect” as the basis, Mr. Pan recommends a series of a good read, including Chinese and English literature and children’s illustration books. He inspires the readers by conveying the importance of mastering the fundamentals in the workplace.
The exhibition also provides recommendations of e-book series for people who are interested, giving them better access to more literary information during the pandemic. Everyone is welcome to attend this exhibition and celebrate the World Book and Copyright Day.

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