The Tsai Hsing Elite Club Midway House, designed by JJP, was named the winner of the small scale project category in the DNA Paris Design Awards.
The DNA Paris Design Awards is categorized into five areas: architecture, interior, landscape, product, and graphic design. The award-winning projects are carefully selected by professional judges with different expertise.

The Tsai Hsing Elite Club Midway House is the first phase of a series of construction. Located on a lush hill surrounded by greenery, the house is made up of a flat roof, two sets of operable walls, and three stone walls to define its blurred boundaries between manmade and nature. A six-meter cantilever of the T-shaped pattern design, derived by Tsai-Hsing logo with the operable screens creates a visual extension to merge the interior and the exterior, which greatly enhances its leisurely and humanistic qualities.

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