The master plan of Lite-On Technology project is based on the concept of an unpolished piece of jade, with a network of landscaped roads serving the buildings planned in two phases that are linked by Inner Ring North Road, thereby forming a polished overall configuration.

Within the 2.2 hectare site, the architecture takes balance craftsmanship and budget into consideration, effectively shortening the construction period and reducing manpower. The exterior wall adopts modular sandwich panels, while the service core is arranged on the east and west sides of the building. By enriching the façade expression through a bar-code appearance combined with deep recessed windows and curtain wall design, the form and function are effectively integrated.

The building includes conferences, administration, work areas, restaurants, training classrooms, and gyms. Natural light is introduced through generous windows, combined with a lighting plan with a delightful color scheme, the aim is to create a pleasant environment for employees to focus on work and learning.

The new administration building replaces the original building and integrates the entrance and exit circulation while incorporating the police station, customs, post office, and administrative offices into a coherent complex. This project sets a successful example of "renewing, rejuvenating, and rebuilding" in the continuous upgrade and transformation of the Nanzi Processing Zone.