JJP was invited to participate in the“BEYOND BAUHAUS Exhibition” at the Taiwan Design Museum (台灣設計館) in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

This exhibition was curated by JC Architecture, a well-known firm for its creative use of spatial design. A total of eighteen architecture, interior, and graphic design firms from the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan were invited to participate. From August 23 to November 3, the exhibition showcased contemporary designs that were influenced by the Bauhaus era.

A midway house of a golf club, named winner of DNA Paris Design Award-Small Scale Project, was exhibited. Cizzo(囍樹設計) and was invited to co-design the graphic that reflects the artworks by Piet Cornelies Mondrian.

Joshua Pan, FAIA, led the designers to attend the opening press conference together on August 26, to personally interpret the meaning of the design work for the participants. From the changes of perspective, the audience was able to experience the spatial qualities of the design that incorporates past memories with present perception.

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