The REARD Global Design Awards announced its 2022 winners on Nov 23. After intense competition, JJP’s  Xi'an Hi-tech Zone Huanpu Industrial Park (phase III) was awarded the Gold Medal, and the CMW (Wuhan) Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. the Silver Medal.

Gold Medal/Architecture in Industrial City

Xi'an Hi-tech Zone Huanpu Industrial Park (phase III)

This project is for the third phase development of the Industrial park, and with the limitations of the site, the design team had to think outside the box.  In order to meet the demands of the office area, economic efficiency of high-rise building, new style of working, and building regulations, multiple highly integrated rooms with humane scales are created. A variety of leisure spaces and exchange platforms are also established to provide a working experience that is out of the ordinary.

Silver Medal/Architecture in Industrial City

CMW (Wuhan) Precision Machinery Co. Ltd.

Located in the Hi-Tech Zone east of Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, this project provides a forward looking humanistic campus. The design employed unprecedented strategies to stitch together the urban fabrics of the industrial city, while exploring the possibilities of future growth toward the suburbs. A place for “forging aesthetics”, this project possesses the potential to transform the suburbs with environmental care through the application of smart manufacturing, low carbon emission and green energy technology.

The REARD Global Design Award recognizes excellent designs in China and their essential value. Although founded as late as in 2015, REARD is highly credited with its inclusiveness and professionalism. Over the past years, REARD has given awards to outstanding residential and commercial designs, and is still actively expanding toward the fields of urban renewal, traveling, culture and art.